Our country has a long history. Any place, even a small town, has its own cultural genes. As long as you dig, there are historical and cultural stories that can be told.

  Tourist attractions do not have their own local cultural codes, and may lose their appeal and be eliminated in a few years.

  Unsurprisingly, Xi'an Datang Everbright City once again became the "top class" during the Spring Festival this year.

Whether it is in reality, or in news reports and short video platforms, Datang Everbright City, which has been "net celebrity" for many years, is still one of the scenic spots that appear frequently.

  With the continuous popularity of Datang Everbright City, various theme "Never Sleeping Cities" similar to the model of Datang Everbright City have appeared in many places across the country in recent years.

After combing through, the reporter found that such sleepless cities are mostly built in second- and third-tier cities, most of which do not charge tickets, and make profits by renting out stalls, etc., while the projects in the "sleepless city" are mostly snacks, light shows, sculpture groups, performance art performances Wait for the main.

One of the representative performances of the Nightless City of the Tang Dynasty, "Miss Tumbler", was also frequently copied by these later Nightless City.

  Faced with the rise of "sleepless city" scenic spots in many places, many netizens put forward their own views.

Does the imitation of Datang Everbright City constitute infringement?

Will homogeneous scenic spots cause everyone's aesthetic fatigue?

Will the "sleepless cities" built in second- and third-tier cities be able to attract tourists for a long time like the Tang Dynasty Everlasting City?

  Xi'an Datang Everbright City continues to explode with tourists: Knowing that there are many people, they still want to check in

  The reporter learned that in June 2018, the road section of Datang Everbright City, which could have been used by motor vehicles, was completely changed to a pedestrian street.

Whenever night falls, performance art such as "Tumbler", "Stone Man" and "Lady of the Tang Dynasty" begin to be staged, attracting a large number of tourists.

At the same time, with the spread of various short video platforms, Datang Everbright City has become an Internet celebrity check-in place in Xi'an in recent years.

  "Before coming to Datang Everbright City, I was mentally prepared for the large number of people. My lover and children would always see Datang Everbright City when watching short videos. It’s beyond my imagination.” During the Spring Festival this year, Mr. Yang from Lanzhou took his wife and two children to Xi’an for a self-driving tour, and one of the important stops was Datang Everbright City.

Although it was not a particularly perfect travel experience due to some congestion, Mr. Yang said that the lights and performances of Datang Everbright City did leave a deep impression on him and his family.

  "City that Never Sleeps" in many places opens its doors to welcome guests "Miss Tumbler" frequently releases "reprints"

  With the success of Xi'an Datang Everbright City, many places have also begun to learn from this successful case.

In some places, this kind of learning is directly turned into practical action.

  After combing through, the reporter found that many places have created their own "sleepless city" directly "using Xi'an Datang Everbright City as a template".

For example, Shandong Qingzhou Everbright City, Hubei Mulan Everbright City, Jilin Tonghua Northeast Ever Night City, Anhui Ma'anshan Yangtze River Never Night City, Shandong Tai'an Song Dynasty Ever Night City, etc.

These cities that never sleep have different themes, but most of them will rely on a historical and cultural theme, focusing on concepts such as street performances, street food, and night view tours, which have many similarities with the cities that never sleep in the Tang Dynasty.

  Take Ma'anshan Changjiang Everbright City as an example. The scenic spot officially opened to the public during the New Year's Day this year.

According to its official website, Changjiang Everbright City is located in the Daxitang area on the east side of Caishi Ancient Town, Maanshan City. It stands on the bank of the Yangtze River and is adjacent to the Caishiji Ecotourism Area. The cultural tourism IP project is jointly developed and constructed by a cultural investment company in Beijing and a cultural tourism and health care group in Anhui.

  The staff of the scenic spot told reporters on the 27th that during the Spring Festival, there are more people in the Changjiang Everbright City, especially after the lights are turned on at night, there will be more tourists who come to take pictures and check in.

According to data released by Shandong Qingzhou Everbright City Public Account on the 26th, during the Spring Festival, Qingzhou Everbright City continued to be full, with a maximum passenger flow of 50,000 people on the fifth day of the Lunar New Year.

Ranked first on the best-selling list of Weifang scenic spots on a short video platform, second on the collection list, and third on the popularity list.

  The reporter found that the vast majority of such scenic spots in China do not charge fees. "We hope to attract tourists through the scenic spot, and then the scenic spot will charge rent from the merchants here to make a profit." Hubei Mulan Everbright City also just opened its doors in January this year. To welcome guests, a staff member of the scenic spot said that the scenic spot cost 150 million yuan to build, and the main story line was created based on the story of Hua Mulan. You can experience the folk customs of the Northern Wei Dynasty when you play here.

  According to a report from China Youth Daily, last September, before the official opening of the Changjiang Everbright City in Ma’anshan, an investment promotion conference was held. On the same day, more than 380 merchants signed cooperation agreements on the spot, collecting a total of more than 1.9 million yuan in intention deposits.

Among the "sleepless cities" in various places, most of them can see the shadow of Xi'an Datang City.

In Shandong Qingzhou Everbright City, Hubei Mulan Ever Night City, Tonghua Northeast Ever Night City, and Tai'an Dasong Ever Night City, there are tumbler performances similar to Xi'an's "Miss Tumbler".

  The Nightless City of the Tang Dynasty: Xi'an has cultural heritage in ancient times and will not be surpassed

  The staff of Xi'an Qujiang Datang Everbright City Culture and Commerce Co., Ltd. told the reporter that there are many imitated Everbright City, including the Great Song Everbright City.

But Xi'an is different from other places. Xi'an was originally an ancient capital with cultural heritage, and other imitations probably won't surpass it.

  A staff member of Xi'an Datang Everbright City told reporters on the 27th that the term "Never Night City" itself is not exclusive to Datang Everbright City, and each region combines its own history and culture to create its own "Never Night City" scenic spot, which will not affect Xi'an University. There have been no disputes over copyright infringement and other issues in the operation of Tang Everbright City.

  Another staff member of Datang Everbright City told reporters that the reason why Datang Everbright City has been welcomed by everyone for many years is also because they are constantly updating their performances and installations. "If your performance is not updated, if there is only one" Miss Tumbler', it will be unattractive, and everyone will come once or twice and will not come again."

  /expert's point/

  A work can be a performance, but a performance does not necessarily qualify as a work

  Relevant lawyers also expressed their views on whether many elements similar to those of the Tang Dynasty can be found in the newly built "Sleepless City" in many places across the country, whether it will constitute infringement and other legal issues.

  Lawyer Chen Hao, director of Shaanxi Dezun Law Firm, told reporters that the night city in various places does not charge tickets, attracts customers through performances, publicity, culture and other factors, and then collects rent from tenants for profit. It is actually a business model. Chen Hao believes that the copying or imitation of the business model of Datang Everbright City is not an infringement.

  "According to the provisions of the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China, copyright mainly protects works, and 'Miss Tumbler' belongs to a form of performance that combines dance or acrobatics, but there is actually a gap between performances and works. Works can be Some kind of performance, but the performance may not be called a work.” Chen Hao said, “I personally think that similar tumbler performances in other scenic spots should not infringe on the copyright of ‘Miss tumbler’ in Datang Everbright City.”

  Wang Qiyan, director professor and doctoral supervisor of the Leisure Economy Research Center of Renmin University of China, told reporters that the Datang Everbright City scenic spot in Xi'an is a very successful case in the whole country. "Time cannot be imitated blindly.

  "Our country has a long history. Any place, even a small town, has its own cultural genes. As long as you dig, there are historical and cultural stories that can be told." Wang Qiyan said, "But the important thing is to see how you To tell this historical and cultural story well, how to do a good job in tourism development. The model of Xi’an Datang Everbright City can be used for reference, but in the final analysis, each region still needs to find its own cultural characteristics, and combine its own characteristics to create and improve its own scenic spots.”

  Wang Qiyan said that if someone just came up with a "Miss tumbler" and imitated the same one in other places, it might be able to attract tourists in the short term, but in the long run, this kind of tourist attraction will not have its own local cultural code. In the past few years, it may lose its attractiveness and be eliminated.

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