Regarding the transition of the status of the new coronavirus to category 5 under the Infectious Diseases Act, a hospital in Tokyo that is actively accepting coronavirus patients said, ``As long as the infectiousness of the virus does not change, infection control measures cannot be weakened and can be dealt with. The number of medical institutions will not increase," he said, expressing concern about the future medical provision system.

The Tokyo Kita Medical Center in Kita Ward, Tokyo has been actively accepting patients by securing dedicated beds for the new corona since the early days of the spread of infection.

Dr. Kunihisa Miyazaki, who is in charge of corona response, said that when the status of the new coronavirus is reclassified as type 5 on May 8, it will be possible for general medical institutions to accept hospitalizations and conduct examinations. "I feel a sense of urgency about the fact that people think that they can go to any medical institution if they fall into category 5," he said.

Regarding the reason for this, he said, ``Unless the infectiousness of the virus changes, the current measures, such as zoning to isolate patients and wearing protective clothing, cannot be changed. Because I can't take it, I don't think the number of medical institutions that can handle it will increase even if it becomes a 5th class," he expressed concern.

The Tokyo North Medical Center has signed an agreement with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to operate a temporary medical facility that accepts elderly people who are at high risk of becoming seriously ill and need nursing care in Shibuya Ward.

There are several such temporary medical facilities in Tokyo, and since they were established based on the Special Measures Law for the New Corona, it points out that it may be legally difficult to survive if they fall into category 5.

Dr. Miyazaki said, "I'm worried that if the temporary medical facility disappears, high-risk patients will be concentrated in the hospital and the burden will increase further, so I would like them to continue to respond."