Sam Smith really hasn't had a very good experience on dating apps.

The British singer did try his luck on Tinder or even Hinge, but it didn't yield much.

It must also be said that his profile was deleted each time for one and the same reason.

They took him for an impostor!

“I've never tried Grindr.

I tried Tinder once and I believe they deleted my account.

I also got kicked out of Hinge because they thought it wasn't me,” he told Entertainment Tonight.

But it must be said that Sam Smith had toasted the essential step for any personality registering on dating applications: account verification!

“Well, I hadn't verified my profile.

Maybe I should have done that,” he conceded.

Always looking for love

But if Sam Smith has not been very lucky on the apps, he has always devoted time to find a soul mate.

Recently, he was linked to fashion designer Christian Cowan, but neither has spoken on the matter.

Anyway, Sam Smith will have to put his love life on hold for a while as he prepares to defend on stage


, his fourth solo album which has just been released.


Accused of plagiarism for his duet with Normani, Sam Smith counterattacks



Sam Smith wants to have children before he turns 35

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