, Anyang, January 28th (Wang Yugao Xueyan) "I was angry, leaning on the railing, resting in the rain. Looking up, looking up to the sky and screaming, I feel fierce..." This year's Spring Festival holiday, the movie "Man Jianghong" became popular in Henan The Yuefei Memorial Hall (also known as the Tangyin Yuefei Temple) in Tangyin County, Guangdong Province is a tourist tide.

  Yuefei Memorial Hall is located in Yuemiao Street, Tangyin County, Anyang City, Henan Province. It is a memorial site for historical celebrities based on Yuefei Temple.

Formerly known as Jingzhong Temple, it is a temple built to demonstrate Yue Fei's spirit of "serving the country with loyalty and loyalty". It is divided into the ancient building area of ​​Yue Fei Temple and the new area of ​​Yue Fei Memorial Hall.

  The reporter learned from the cultural and tourism department of Tangyin County on the 28th that Tangyin County is the hometown of Yue Fei. "Manjianghong", you can visit for free."

The picture shows a tourist reciting "Man Jiang Hong" in front of the Yue Fei Memorial Hall.

Photo by Jin Xiaojing

  As soon as the event came out, there was an endless stream of tourists at the Yuefei Memorial Hall in Tangyin County.

In the early morning of January 27, the reporter saw in front of the memorial hall that tourists who recited "Manjianghong" had formed a long queue, ranging from the elderly to young children, and they took up the microphones to participate.

"Thirty years of fame and dust, eight thousand miles of roads and moons..." At the scene, impassioned words and sentences were endlessly heard.

  According to Xu Suting, director of the Tangyin Yuefei Memorial Hall, generally speaking, the number of tourists will drop during the last two days of the Spring Festival holiday.

Since the launch of the ticket-free activity of reciting "Manjianghong", the number of tourists has not decreased but increased.

On January 27, the Yue Fei Memorial Hall received 10,000 tourists, and it is expected to welcome many more tourists between now and the Lantern Festival.

  "Reciting "Manjianghong" not only promotes Yue Fei's spirit of serving the country with loyalty, but also inherits traditional Chinese culture. Tourists from all over the world are welcome to participate in the recitation of "Manjianghong" and visit the Yuefei Memorial Hall for free." Xu Suting said.