Inheritance of Intangible Cultural Heritage "Break the Wall" of the second dimension, overseas players are fascinated by Chinese culture

  "Yuan Shen", "Sea Lantern Festival" and "Paper Movie" create a strong New Year flavor

  "Who would have thought that I would learn about Chinese folk culture through two-dimensional games!" Emma Rodriguez left a message in the YouTube comment area, "Amazing works, this is the real artist and guardian of tradition." Let Overseas players like Emma are amazed by the Chinese New Year series activities launched by the game "Yuan Shen" - the "Sea Lantern Festival" designed with reference to the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival has become a festival for global players, and the puzzle-solving gameplay inspired by shadow puppetry "Paper shadow play" is also staged in the game.

On the third day of the Lunar New Year, the intangible cultural heritage documentary "The Journey of Purchasing Relics" was released, showing the process of engraving the New Year paintings by Yang Naidong, the inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage of "Yangjiabu Woodblock New Year Paintings", using the "Five Yashas" in the game "Yuan Shen" as the theme.

Today, "The Journey of Purchasing Relics" turned its camera on the "Hengshui Inner Painting". Wang Ziyong, the inheritor of intangible cultural heritage, restored the iconic landscape of the Liyue area in the game with exquisite skills.

  Only three days after the release of the first issue of "The Journey of Purchasing Lost Things", the broadcast volume on the whole network has exceeded 4 million.

It is reported that this is a long-term project launched by "Yuan Shen". It has been released in more than 200 countries and regions, and versions with subtitles in 15 languages ​​have been produced to show the charm of Chinese intangible cultural heritage to players around the world.

Liu Wei, founder and president of MiHoYo, said: "The traditional culture is subtly displayed in a modern way, making the game an important carrier of cultural inheritance and cultural self-confidence, and at the same time allowing more people to accept traditional culture and love China. culture."

  Ingenious ideas let intangible cultural heritage skills enter the lives of young people

  22 carefully carved wooden boards, engraving the picture of "Five Yashas" in the Liyue area in the hit game "Yuanshin" into elegant and dynamic New Year paintings.

The God of Tea and Yu Lei in traditional mythology is the theme of classic New Year pictures, entrusting people's good wishes to eliminate disasters and avoid disasters, seek good luck and avoid evil.

In the fantasy world created by "Original God", "Five Yashas" and Shentu Yulei also carry the meaning of protection.

After the release of "The Journey of Purchasing Relics", overseas netizens praised and commented: "There are so many amazing details embedded in the woodblock New Year paintings, and they are all done by hand! Chinese craftsmen have trained superb skills for decades. He applauded." "It's so cool that Mihayou uses the influence of games to promote and protect Chinese culture and share it with the rest of the world!"

  The creator, Yang Naidong, is the provincial inheritor of Yangjiabu woodblock New Year pictures, a representative project of national intangible cultural heritage.

Usually New Year paintings have only three to six colors, but this Wuyasha New Year painting uses 22 colors, and each color requires a separate engraving color plate, and a total of 22 printings are required to complete a work.

"Making woodblock New Year pictures is a lifetime job. I want to do my job well and pass it on from generation to generation," Yang Naidong said.

  "The sun and the moon are visible within a square inch, and people are pitiful on the palm of the hand." The inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage interviewed in the second issue of "The Journey of Purchasing Relics" is Wang Ziyong, a representative figure of "Hengshui Neihua".

The Liyue area in "Original God" has not only the fairy cave hidden among the strange peaks and cliffs, but also the world of fireworks composed of bustling streets and leisurely countryside.

These fantasy scenes full of oriental charm are reproduced one by one in the snuff bottle through the artist's skillful hands.

"Most of the interior painting techniques are inherited from traditional Chinese painting, and the original scene inspired by Chinese mountains and rivers is combined with the interior painting to complement each other." Wang Ziyong believes that in order to carry forward the art of interior painting, it must be combined with contemporary life and constantly innovated.

  The vitality of the game comes from the innovative expression of traditional culture

  Posting woodblock New Year pictures is a traditional custom during the Chinese New Year. In the fantasy world of "Original God", there is also a grand festival in full swing.

  In the Liyue area, the first full moon night is the "Sea Lantern Festival".

Meet at the Sea Lantern Festival and experience the charm of traditional culture here, which has gradually become the expectation and habit of the "Yuan Shen" player group every year.

During last year's Sea Lantern Festival, players could "smelt fireworks", solve the puzzle "Wonderful Shadow in the Lantern", and explore the origin behind it.

At that time, the new opera character Yun Jin, and the "Liyue Opera" and "Goddess Split View" brought by Yun Jin remained very popular.

"Goddess Splitting View" is performed by Yang Yang, a young actor from the Shanghai Peking Opera Company. It has not only aroused heated discussions among players on the Internet at home and abroad, but also performed spontaneously by artists performing dozens of operas such as Cantonese opera, Kunqu opera, and Huangmei opera.

  This year's Sea Lantern Festival's "Paper Shadow Play" was inspired by traditional Chinese shadow play.

In the game, "Zhiyingxi" is a traditional technique of "Liyue", which is composed of actors and curtains made of paper, and can be staged under the operation of "craftsmen".

Players can adjust the action path of the "actor" by "moving the paper screen", bypass the "trap" and move towards the designated target, thus completing the "performance".

This is actually a small puzzle-solving game, which is full of fun and has the charm of shadow puppetry.

  The vitality of game products comes from the innovative expression of Chinese traditional culture by the R&D team.

From "Goddess Split View", "Paper Screening Opera", to the Chinese New Year short film "Fish Lantern" and documentary "Journey to Find Lost Things", Mihayou is making continuous efforts to let Chinese culture go out.

(Our reporter Xuan Jing)

  (Source: Wen Wei Po 3rd Edition, January 28, 2023)