He faked his death to find out who would attend his funeral

A curious Brazilian man faked his own death to find out what your funeral would be like and who would attend it.

Baltazar Lemos, 60, from Curitiba Paraná, announced his death on social media and held a fake funeral for his friends and family.

As an arranger of funerals in Brazil and conducted hundreds of them, Lemos thought about the number of his friends and family who would come to see him off when he died, so he decided to fake his death to see how many people would attend his funeral?

Someone on social media wrote a message announcing that Baltazar Lemos had passed away to another life with a photo taken in front of the Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo, indicating that the ceremony was accepted there, so everyone assumed the worst.

The Lemos family was shocked by this announcement, as no one knew he was in the hospital.

One of his nephews ran to the hospital to ask about him, but the staff had no record of Balthazar Lemos entering there in the past few days.

When Balthazar's online friends began sharing the news of his death, people began expressing their grief in the comments and asking about the cause of death.

No explanation was given, and the time and place of the ceremony and funeral were posted on the funeral service's Facebook account.

Friends and family of Balthazar Lemos gathered in a small church in his native city of Curitiba for what they expected to be a funeral. Balthazar's voice began to tell his life, and those present began to cry thinking it was a recording, then he opened the doors of the coffin and walked out in front of everyone.

Once he made it clear that he had faked his death to see who would attend his funeral, those present began to accuse him of being a fool.

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