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Dubai is the perfect choice for "nights of life" and celebrating happy occasions

  • Dubai's global destinations and facilities attract celebrants from around the world.

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In line with the efforts to enhance Dubai's attractiveness as the best city in the world to live, work and visit, Dubai continues to attract large numbers of those wishing around the world to hold their weddings or celebrate their social events, as the city has become very popular among event organizers, thanks to its infrastructure. And international facilities commensurate with various fields, in addition to the various regional and international events it hosts throughout the year, attracting thousands of guests and visitors from all over the world.

Dubai has a variety of distinguished destinations, high-end restaurants, and international hotels, which offer its visitors a variety of options, packages, and offers that suit different capabilities, to ensure that those wishing to hold weddings, guests, and visitors from all countries of the world spend unforgettable times, and enjoy Dubai's destinations and facilities. Globalism.

As part of the efforts made to make Dubai an international center for experts and companies working in the field of organizing events, parties and social events, Dubai organized the World Wedding Forum this January, which witnessed the wide participation of experts and specialists within the sector from all over the world, who met to discuss the future of the events industry, and presented their innovations. In light of the continuous technical and creative development in this field.

Exceptional ingredients

Laila Mohammed Suhail, Executive Director of the Strategic Partnerships and Commercial Sponsorship Sector of the Department of Economy and Tourism and its institutions, said: “Dubai has global capabilities that make it a preferred destination for weddings and events, as the city attracts millions from around the world to live, work and visit, and the city has also become the ideal choice for people wishing to establish their weddings, or celebrating their occasions and spending special times, and it also gives its visitors the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of events, entertainment and cultural activities, dining and shopping experiences.

She added: «The Global Wedding Excellence Forum in Dubai, which is one of the main international events specialized in the field of weddings, reflects the importance and position of Dubai in this sector, and the exceptional services and offers that the emirate provides.

The advanced positions obtained by Dubai, and the global recognition of its achievements, led by the title of the best global destination in the Travelers’ Choice Awards according to Trip Advisor for two consecutive years, also contributed to confirming its position within this sector, which would not have been achieved without the partnership and continuous cooperation that Dubai is keen on. To support it with all stakeholders and partners around the world, including event and wedding organizers, to increase its attractiveness as an ideal destination for weddings and other special occasions.

The fifth session of the World Wedding Forum in Dubai succeeded in attracting a wide range of tourism and destination management experts, event and wedding organizers, in addition to companies specialized in providing services in this field. The leading annual event provided an opportunity for various experts, social media influencers, and specialists in this field. sectors to network, exchange ideas, share best practices, and provide exceptional experiences to celebrate social events.

The forum attracted 70 senior wedding planners, experts and companies operating in the most important major markets, including the Middle East, Africa, India, the United Kingdom and the CIS, and witnessed the participation of 11 hotel groups hosted by the emirate, including its unique destinations, as well as 12 suppliers and service providers. Services in the wedding sector.

Distinctive destinations

Dubai welcomes couples wishing to celebrate their occasions in its facilities with distinctive views of the most famous landmarks of the city, including Burj Khalifa, Dubai Frame, Museum of the Future and Ain Dubai, and offers them a package of luxury hotels and resorts.

The ideal facilities for hosting parties in Dubai vary from the famous Dubai destinations, to golden sand beaches and wonderful gardens, to towering mountains and sand dunes.

Dubai includes 794 luxury hotels, offering the highest levels of service and authentic Arabian hospitality, allowing for exceptional accommodation experiences for guests.

This list includes a group of the most prestigious hotels in the world, including Atlantis, The Palm, Caesars Palace, Bvlgari, The Ritz-Carlton, One & Only Hotels and Resorts, and others.

Many of the emirate's hotels and destinations offer the services of professional wedding planners, allowing couples and guests to design their own experiences with a group of experts in the events and weddings sector in Dubai.

Dubai is distinguished by the diversity of food options suitable for weddings, as it is a global center for food and culinary arts that suit the cultures of more than 200 nationalities. for food tourism.

Strategic location

Dubai is characterized by a strategic geographical location between East and West. It is also one of the most prominent global cities that offers an extensive airline network, allowing travelers to travel anywhere in the world in less than eight hours.

It is also easy to visit, thanks to the easy procedures, direct visas and entry requirements, which represents an additional attraction for couples wishing to celebrate their wedding in Dubai.

For her part, Karen Cinnamon, founder of Smashing the Glass (UK), said: “Dubai is characterized by vitality, permanent development and cultural diversity, and has many advantages that make it an ideal destination for hosting luxurious indoor or outdoor weddings.”

While the founder of Beyond Weddings and Guides for Brides (UK), Alison Hargreaves, confirmed that “The World Bridal Forum was able to bring together all the knowledge related to the wedding sector in one platform.

The advantage of mild weather during this time of the year is an additional attraction for those planning weddings and wedding planners coming from the United Kingdom.

While the Managing Director of Wonder Tent Ltd. (UAE), Anton Semenov, said, “The World Wedding Forum represents one of the main events that undoubtedly contribute to strengthening Dubai’s position as a global destination for hosting weddings, and we are pleased to present innovative distinguished facilities that change the concept of a wedding hall into a business.” An integrated technician equipped with a number of unique features and pioneering technologies.

For her part, the founder of Yolo Entertainment and Weddings (India), Joita Hemdev, described Dubai as “a global center for communication with experts in the events and parties sector, and as one of the most important wedding organizers, we realize Dubai’s leading position in this field, especially the city’s distinction with the best destinations.” and means of entertainment.

As for the founder of Bisibi Events (Nigeria), Bessi Sotondi, she indicated that Dubai enjoys a global reputation in the field of tourism and travel, attracting and organizing international events, parties and weddings, and has become a chosen destination for a large number of Nigerians, whether to visit or hold weddings and various events, thanks to what it possesses Of exceptional advantages and world-class facilities.

For his part, Ian Renton, Director of Sales at Atlantis Resorts Dubai (UAE), said: “We are always looking to enhance wedding services for both Atlantis, The Palm and the Royal Atlantis Resort.

We are also pleased to cooperate with the Department of Economy and Tourism in Dubai, and to benefit from the support it provides to provide high-level services in our tourism facilities.”

• The ideal facilities for hosting parties in Dubai vary from its famous destinations, to golden sandy beaches and magnificent gardens, to towering mountains and sand dunes.

• 794 luxury hotels offering the highest levels of service and authentic Arabian hospitality in Dubai.

Laila Suhail:

 • «The International Wedding Forum highlights the importance and position of Dubai in this sector and the emirate's exceptional services and offers».

Establish a position

Between January and November 2022, Dubai welcomed about 12.82 million international visitors, which reflects the global confidence that Dubai has gained as an attractive and safe destination for travel.

In light of the boom in the economy and tourism sectors, the Department of Economy and Tourism in Dubai continues to cooperate closely with the network of local and international partners, wedding planners and service providers, to consolidate Dubai's position at the forefront of wedding and event hosting destinations. 

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