, Guangzhou, January 28 (Guo Jun, Cao Yuan, and Ma Jimiao) The reporter learned from the Guangzhou Maritime Affairs Department on the 28th that during the Spring Festival holiday this year, the water passenger transport in Guangzhou has a clear recovery trend, and a total of more than 460,000 passengers have been sent.

Among them, the Pearl River day and night tour continues to be popular and has become a popular "check-in".

During the Spring Festival holiday, the daily and night tourist flow of the Pearl River reached 189,000, an increase of 8.8% compared with 2019.

  "This year's Spring Festival, 6 pure electric cruise ships with no noise and pollution have been put into operation, bringing citizens and tourists a better experience. We visited relevant shipping companies in advance to urge them to implement the main responsibility for safe production, and to the Pearl River cruise ship A comprehensive 'physical examination' was carried out to ensure that the ship is seaworthy and the crew is competent." Li Shilang, captain of the Haixinsha Coast Guard Law Enforcement Brigade of the Guangzhou Inner Harbor Maritime Affairs Department, introduced.

  This year’s Spring Festival holiday, in order to create a safe and peaceful water navigation environment for passengers, the Guangzhou Maritime Affairs Department strengthened the safety supervision of passenger ships such as Pearl River cruise ships, water buses, and ferries, and realized the safety inspection of passenger ships, inspections of passenger shipping companies, and passenger ferries. 100% inspection coverage of shipping lines, and joint with relevant functional departments and shipping companies, carry out emergency drills, strengthen on-site law enforcement, and improve the safety of water passenger transportation.

  At the same time, the Guangzhou Maritime Affairs Department has built a three-dimensional water safety supervision network through "on-site cruise + supervision and command system + CCTV video surveillance + unmanned aerial vehicles" to implement dynamic remote supervision of key passenger ships and key water areas, and real-time control of ship navigation and anchoring. In order to ensure the safety of passengers traveling on water during the Spring Festival holiday, they will issue safety reminders to passenger ferries in the jurisdiction in a timely manner.