She seeks to present her country's traditional dishes in a modern way

Chef Meera leaves international relations and pursues her passion for Emirati culinary arts

  • Meera aspires to have her own restaurant to serve Emirati flavors with international artistic touches.

    Photography: Eric Arazas


Despite her studies in international relations and politics in addition to media, the Emirati young woman, Mira Issa Al-Naqbi, chose cooking as her field, after she joined work in international relations and then radio, television and entrepreneurship, in what she described as a "long journey of self-discovery", before she decided to revive Her passion for the art of cooking and the world of foods, with the aim of contributing to introducing the world to the culture of the Emirates, through her traditional foods that she presents in a modern way.

Mira explained to «Emirates Today»: «Her passion for cooking began since childhood, as she used to read many recipes and try to apply them, and most of them failed, due to her lack of knowledge of the arts of this complex field». She worked in the field of media and international relations, and then decided to return to it again through a small blog on social networking sites, which was very well received by the public.

The young Emirati woman indicated that "the success of her blog and the growing number of her followers encouraged her to launch her own project, which was based on providing daily healthy meals to subscribers according to their needs, in addition to providing many recipes and advice on lifestyles and healthy nutrition to her followers."

Multiple experiences

Mira added: “Then I was invited by (Gulfood 2021) in Dubai to participate in a cooking competition, and I was the first Emirati chef to win this competition at the exhibition.

The victory qualified me to obtain a scholarship from the Dubai College of Tourism to learn culinary arts at the hands of international chefs.

After that, I joined an international hotel chain, as I worked in a chain of hotels between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and served breakfast with Emirati flavors throughout the month of Ramadan. Michelin star), and I received extensive training from French and European chefs, and I gained many years of experience during my short trip.

And she continued: «I also went on a trip to Albania sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Youth on the occasion of (Emirati-Albanian Heritage Week), and presented Emirati dishes to Emirati and Albanian ministers and politicians, and worked side by side with elite Emirati chefs, including Chef Khaled, the owner of the (V) restaurant, and the youngest Emirati chef, Chef Aisha.

And she considered that "those experiences were rich in knowledge and learning, and allowed her to learn other cultures in the field of cooking, which enriches her experience and knowledge and enhances her self-confidence," pointing out that upon her return from her trip, she joined the "Masar" team, which deals with the integration of Emirati youth in the tourism sector. And the hotel, and among the hospitality staff in the "Abu Dhabi Legacy", was a new shift in her career.

special touch

And about what distinguishes her in the field of cooking, Mira said: “From the beginning, I have always been interested in adding my special touch. I do not present any dish in a usual or boring way. The components are their identity and origins.

She aspires to have her own restaurant to serve Emirati flavors with international artistic touches, with the aim of delivering a message to the world about the ancient Emirati civilization and culture through the art of cooking, adding: “I also aspire to be a role model for every young Emirati woman who wants to take this path, and to go on it.” My path is explored, holding a torch that illuminates the path for everyone who follows me as he follows his dream in this field.

Mira Al Naqbi:

• "I am always interested in adding my own touch. I do not present any dish in a usual or boring way. I am also keen to present the Emirati character, through the flavors of our kitchen in a renewed way."

Honorable picture

Chef Meera Al Naqbi confirmed that the hospitality and tourism sector in the UAE is one of the sectors that is witnessing rapid growth, which requires more participation of Emirati cadres in it, noting that there are many ambitious young men and women who seek to present an honorable image to the people of the Emirates, who follow their passion and make it A job that they practice daily with love and happiness, and achieve pioneering achievements in this field.

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