Even today (29th) morning, which is a holiday, the cold is bitter.

From daytime, the power of the cold will be weak as the wind of the west wind blows.

First of all, the temperature in the areas where the special cold wave warning was issued this morning is showing around 15 degrees below zero, and the temperature in Seoul is 7.6 degrees below zero, showing a cold similar to yesterday.

By daytime, temperatures in most regions will be above normal levels, and for the time being there will be no major cold, and morning temperatures will gradually turn upward.

Meanwhile, it is currently snowing slightly in Jeonbuk and some Chungbuk areas.

Most of it will stop in the morning, and from the afternoon to the night, as snow clouds approach again, it will snow up to 3 cm in the inland and mountainous areas of Gangwon, 1 cm in the eastern and southwestern parts of Gyeonggi, the west coast of Chungnam, northern Chungbuk, and western Jeonbuk.

There will be a slight snowfall in other parts of the inland, including Seoul.

Dryness continues in the eastern region, and strong winds will blow in the mountains of Gangwon.

<Ahn Su-jin weather caster>