Tohoku Electric Power has announced the results of an internal investigation into the problem that employees illegally viewed customer information of competitors held by a subsidiary. It revealed that 130 employees at 20 business locations were viewing customer information.

In this issue, employees of Tohoku Electric Power illegally viewed information such as customer names, telephone numbers, and contracted capacity managed by a subsidiary power transmission and distribution company at two sales offices in Aomori and Iwate.

In response to this, Tohoku Electric Power conducted an internal investigation and reported the results to the government on the 27th.

According to this, from April 2016, when electricity retailing for households was liberalized, to last month, 130 employees at 20 offices in six Tohoku prefectures and Niigata prefecture viewed customer information. am.

In some cases, one person accessed 26,885 customer information.

In an interview with the company, the employee who viewed it said, "To respond to contract switching," and that it has not been confirmed to be used for sales activities.

Hiromitsu Takano, vice president of Tohoku Electric Power Co., said at a press conference, ``We take this incident seriously and apologize deeply.

Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Kihara ``It could undermine fair competition''

At a press conference, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Kihara said, "Appropriate management of customer information is a legal obligation for general power transmission and distribution companies, and is the basis for neutrality and fairness. It is extremely regrettable that it could undermine fair competition in the industry."