A defendant of Surinamese nationality in South America was indicted for violating the Narcotics Control Law for smuggling about 9 kg of cocaine, equivalent to 180 million yen at the end, in a suitcase and smuggling it to Narita Airport.

He denies that he didn't know it contained cocaine.

The indicted person is Ilona Judith Yubitana (37), a Surinamese national from South America.

According to customs and the public prosecutor's office, on the 8th of this month, about 9 kg of cocaine, worth 180 million yen at the end of the smuggling price, was smuggled from Suriname to Narita Airport via the Netherlands. I'm here.

During her immigration security check, she found a bag of cocaine between two double-covered suitcases.

In response to the investigation, she denied that she didn't know there was cocaine in the suitcase.

Customs and police are increasing vigilance that smuggling is increasing as the number of people entering the country increases due to the drastic relaxation of border measures against the new corona.