Stuck between the first raclette of the year and Black Friday, it's another useless tradition of the month of November: the general culture test for candidates for Miss France.

As the aspirants prepare for the December 14 show in Tahiti on the island of Moorea, they had to answer around forty questions.

The mark obtained is more symbolic than anything else but the juries can take it into account at the time of their choice.

We wouldn't want a Miss France who doesn't know who Teddy Riner is or where Napoleon died...

Because it's always easier to laugh and than to calculate the square of the hypotenuse or to remember who is Minister of National Education, here is the list of questions.

Don't cheat… And if you're stuck on a question, look a bit in the

20 Minutes

articles , the answer is probably there.

Swimming with the Minutos

FYI, the miss with the best score wins the right to swim with dolphins.

The one among you who will obtain the best score will win… all our esteem and will be entered like all the other participants in a draw to try to win the box set for seasons 1 to 4 of Orange is the new black.


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