For almost two months, the voice AI ChatGPT from the American company Open AI has caused a sensation that some people compare it to the launch of the iPhone or the Google search engine.

Chat GPT is an AI that can answer a wide variety of inquiries - and in a previously unknown quality.

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The technology is based on so-called deep neural networks.

This deep learning is an even more sophisticated version of machine learning, in which special algorithms are trained with huge data to recognize certain relationships and later to be able to apply them to unknown data.

So Chat GPT can write love letters, programming code or chores.

Some time ago, the KI Bundesverband launched an initiative called "LEAM" (Large European AI Models) with the aim of constructing large AI models in Europe as well and being able to keep up with the leading providers in this area.

Now he has presented a roadmap on how this could be achieved - and also named a new special AI data center that the public sector is supposed to help finance.

Is this a good idea?

How far are OpenAI, Google and Meta ahead of the competition?

And why is there such an urgent question for Germany behind it?