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  • Today, "Le chant du silence" by Jérôme Loubry published on January 4, 2023 by Éditions Calmann Levy.

Sophie from “Livresdesophie”, contributor to the 20 Minutes Books reading group, recommends “Le Chant du silence” by Jérôme Loubry, published on January 4, 2023 by Éditions Calmann Levy.

His favorite quote:

[…] absence and silence often allow feelings to regenerate.


Why this book?

  • Because even if it remains predictable for my taste, the story is pleasant to read.

    The three stories that appear and give us a vision of what is happening and what happened are very well organized and allow us to solve the mystery as if it were a puzzle, piece by piece .

  • Because in a dark, heavy and sad atmosphere,

    when the protagonist returns to his childhood village, memories come back and secrets reappear and with this, the illusions of a child.

  • Because there are sentences that are real nuggets

    and that fall at the precise moment!

    As when he says: “Some truths are destined to be buried for the good of all”.

The essentials in 2 minutes

The plot.

Damien returns to the village of his childhood when his father died, but not to mourn, rather to spit on his coffin, because he hates his father, an alcoholic and violent murderer.

There, between memories, secrets and truths, a policeman will open his eyes.


Damien is the protagonist, he is a dark character, loaded with a lot of pain due to his past.

The eel is Damien's father, a fisherman and also a murderer... But there is also Oriane, his childhood sweetheart, Lily the village madwoman and a policeman who had known Damien's father.


The story takes place in this port village, poor and which has not changed much despite the weather.

The time.

We find an alterity of time among the stories, there is a part of the past, located between the years 1980 and 1995, which concerns Damien's childhood;

and another more recent, in 2019, when Damien returns to the village.

The author.

French writer, who published his first novel,

Les Chiens de Détroit

, in 2017, rewarded with the Plume Libre d'argent prize in 2018. Since then, he has continued to publish thrillers.

This book was read with

great emotion.

We manage to feel Damien's hatred towards his father, the disgust at returning to this village, the anguish of discovering the truth, because what happens when silence and absence do not regenerate feelings?

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