A photo posted on social media of a former university professor named Fella Boursali angered Algerians.

The reason is that this woman died on a street in the city of Annaba from severe cold.

And the “Shabakat” program (26/1/2023) followed the story of Professor Fella, who holds a master’s degree in biochemistry from Annaba University, where she taught for a year, then traveled to France to complete her studies.

For special circumstances, she returned to Algeria without completing her doctorate, and was suffering from psychological disorders.

She died alone

The image sparked a state of controversy on Algerian platforms regarding the role of government agencies in caring for this group, and activist Lotfi Ben Abed wrote, "Where is the commissioner of the Minister of Solidarity for the state of Annaba... Borsali Fella dies alone on a cold night on the sidewalks of the city in the middle of the road between the municipality and the state headquarters, in the absence of Completely to the Directorate of Social Activity and the Directorate of Social Affairs.

And tweeter Zeno wrote, "May God have mercy on her, but this time the state is not to blame, so where are her brothers and her parents.

Activist Bouabdallah commented, "Unfortunately, when we see a professor, educator, and teacher of no value... he sleeps in the open on cardboard and dies in the street."

And Sidrat Al-Muntaha’s account wrote, commenting, “She was taken by someone who does not overlook anyone, the Lord of Glory … 10 years wandering among the alleys, she is sick, and no one thought of taking her to the center so that she could be treated at least and die hidden there … many like her, may God help them.”

Regarding this case, the state of Annaba issued a statement clarifying that the woman was not homeless, and it stated, "The victim is a university professor, owns a private residence, and was suffering from a mental disorder, which made her leave from time to time her family home until she passed away in a street in the city, and that The state committee in charge of homeless people carries out its daily activities, especially at night.

outraged by the statement

However, the clarification published by the state of Annaba led to an increase in anger and denunciation among the public of the communication platforms.

Activist Sayed Ali commented on the wording of the statement, saying, "A statement that lacks the slightest degree of decency... You should have consoled the family of the deceased, away from all justifications and justifications."

Tweeter Radwan Murad wrote, "Whether she has housing or not, the result is that she died in the street and in the cold. The poor woman remains neglected by officials because she suffers from a psychological disorder... Enough of you evading responsibility."

As for Shanu's account, he said, "People tell me about a country? Where did its people leave it to the cold in the quiet way? Especially since it suffers from psychological disorders! Not everything we can get in the state."

Activist Abboud wrote, "If you had provided social care for her, as she was mentally ill, she would not have died on the street."

It is noteworthy that in recent days, the Meteorological Department issued alerts regarding heavy rain and snow in many Algerian governorates, as the thickness of snow in some areas reached 15 centimeters.