Nick Sands, the brother of Julian Sands, prefers to get used to the idea that he will never see him again.

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has been wanted since January 13 by authorities in San Bernardino County, California.

The comedian had gone on a hike to Mount Baldy when the weather was bad and still hasn't returned.

"He hasn't been officially declared missing or presumed dead yet, but I know deep down that he is no more," Nick Sands told the

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If he still has a little hope, as he told the BBC, he prefers to grieve.

“I got used to the idea that he was gone and that's my way of dealing with it.

We still hope, but I know he is no more, and because of that I have already said goodbye,” he added.


The financial adviser and the actor last saw each other in October, and they looked forward to meeting up for their usual date, the 'Monday Club', next Monday in the UK with the other members of the siblings, Robin, Jeremy and Quentin.

The only comfort for Nick Sands, "he now rests in a place he would really approve of".

The actor is indeed a regular in this Californian mountain, which is "his favorite place" to practice his passion.

He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Evgania, son Henry, two daughters Natalya and Imogen.

As for the authorities, everything is done to find Julian Sands, even if the search is proving difficult due to the climatic conditions and the risk of avalanche.


California: Despite two weeks of intense research, British actor Julian Sands remains untraceable

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