Today (26th), a lot of snow fell in the central region from dawn.

Most of the snow in the metropolitan area has stopped, but the forecast is that the days will get colder as the chill moves south again.

Today, I will connect to the weather center first.

Nam Eugene, please tell the caster.

<Weather Caster>

It was snowing heavily in Seoul this morning too.

As predicted, 15.6cm of snow piled up in Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do, all day today.

A snowfall of 5.5 cm was recorded in Suwon and 4.5 cm in Seoul.

Now, most of the snow clouds are moving south, and most of the snow has stopped in the metropolitan area and Gangwon-do.

While heavy snow warnings remain only in some Gyeongbuk regions, snow is falling only in southern Chungcheong.

In the future, until tomorrow morning, it will snow a little more, centering on the southern Chungcheong area.

However, in the west coast of Honam, as the snow continues until tomorrow night, a lot of snow of up to 10 cm or more is expected.

Up to 7 cm of snow will fall in the inland of Honam.  

Winds will be strong in these areas from tomorrow morning.

As you can see, the snow stopped in the metropolitan area, but as the weather continued below freezing, there were many icy roads all over the road.

For the time being, we need to be extra careful about safety accidents on icy roads.

Also, from tomorrow, the cold from the north will come down, and the days will become even colder.

The morning temperature in Seoul is expected to be -9 degrees Celsius and Chuncheon -11 degrees Celsius, and the daytime temperature in Seoul is expected to be -5 degrees Celsius.