A robbery-murder case in which a 90-year-old woman was killed at a house in Komae City, Tokyo, has been a week since it occurred on the 26th.

Footprints of four people believed to be those of the culprit were found in the house, and it is suspected that the group committed the crime while having the victim guide them to the places where there was money and goods on each floor of the house. The Metropolitan Police Department is proceeding with the identification of the criminal group who fled from the scene.

On the 19th of this month, one week has passed since the robbery-murder case, in which Koromo Oshio (90) was found killed with his hands tied with a cable tie at a house in Komae City on the 26th.

In the investigation so far, the footprints of four people, which are believed to belong to the criminal, were found in the room of the house.

In addition, while there was no evidence that the entrance or window glass of the house had been broken, the monitor installed in the room showing the entrance was destroyed, and the Metropolitan Police Department said that the criminal group was able to unlock it by Mr. It is believed that he broke into the front entrance with a sash and destroyed the monitor because of the recording function.

In addition, the entire interior of the house, from the first basement floor to the second floor above the ground, was violently searched, and Mr. Oshio collapsed on the first basement floor, which he does not usually use. We are investigating the suspicion that he committed the crime while having the victim show him where the money was.

On the other hand, the rent-a-car that was seized by the Metropolitan Police Department on the day before and on the day of the incident was found on the day after the incident. 21) was on board, and the Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the relationship with the incident because a luxury watch that was believed to have been stolen from Mr. Oshio's house was left in the car.