, January 25th. According to the "China Huangshan" public account, the Management Committee of Huangshan Scenic Area issued an announcement on the 25th, saying that in view of the limited effective tourist space and small passenger flow capacity in the direction from Guangming Peak to Yupinglou Yingke Song in Huangshan Scenic Area , in order to ensure a safe and smooth tour, it was decided to implement interception and diversion control measures at Guangmingding at around 2 pm on the 25th. Tourists are requested to consciously obey the management of the scenic spot and adjust the tour route. Do not choose the direction from Guangmingding to Yupinglou Yingke Song Going down the mountain (it takes a long time), it is recommended to take the Yungu cableway down the mountain after visiting the Beihai Scenic Area.

On January 24, Huangshan ushered in the peak of passenger flow, and the scenic spot received 34,385 tourists, a record high for a single day during the Spring Festival holiday since 2018.

On the 24th, the scenic spot reminded that the number of ticket reservations on the 25th was full.

(China New Finance and Economics)

Screenshot of the "China Huangshan" WeChat public account.