A digital platform to collect reports of abuse in nursing homes will be launched "soon" to "free speech" and facilitate their monitoring, announced Tuesday the Minister of Solidarity Jean-Christophe Combe.

"The objective is to free speech, to make reports simpler and to ensure that they are taken into consideration," he told the press a year after the publication of the book-investigation

Les Fossoyeurs

. which revealed mistreatment and embezzlement in the private group of retirement homes Orpea.

The data from this online portal, currently in the test phase, will be kept by the Regional Health Agencies (ARS), able to launch inspections.

Currently people can report abuse on the 3977 line, but it is managed by local associations.

An "emergency plan" to overcome the shortage of staff

Since July, 1,400 nursing homes have been checked by state services.

These are the "Ehpad most at risk", belonging to the Orpea group or "having been the subject of a report", according to the minister.

“This gave rise to 1,794 recommendations, prescriptions, instructions and 11 referrals to the Public Prosecutor for criminal acts”: cases of violence, mistreatment, endangerment of people because of non-compliance with regulations, qualification of personal, he said.

Regarding the shortage of staff in nursing homes, an “emergency plan” will be announced at the beginning of February to allow “rapid qualification of acting employees”, employees hired in a retirement home for a position without having the diploma.

The Minister announced the launch in February of “General States” to develop a strategy to combat the abuse of vulnerable adults (elderly, disabled or poor).

As for the bill on “ageing well” tabled in the National Assembly by the presidential majority, it should be examined in committee “at the end of February at the beginning of March” then “registered in the wake of government time”.

It will be "enriched" with the conclusions of the National Council for Refoundation on Aging Well, whose conclusions are expected in April, said the Minister.


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