While actor Park Hae-soo is digesting the stage greeting schedule for the movie 'Ghost', his reaction when he was called 'brother' by fans is a hot topic.

Audience member A, who went to the ghost stage greetings on the 23rd, posted on social media, "Park Hae-soo is so funny. 'Hae-soo oppa!!!'

So he said, 'Someone called me oppa' and ran."

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In the photo released by Mr. A, Park Hae-soo ran in a hurry and couldn't even clearly capture his face, and there was a sense of urgency in running towards the fan.

In the video that followed, Park Hae-soo was seen running quickly from the entrance of the theater to the audience seat on the opposite side toward a fan who called him 'oppa'.

In addition to this, Park Hae-soo shyly refused to be called 'oppa' to the fans who shouted 'Hae-soo oppa' and 'Oppa me too!' at the 'Ghost' stage greeting, saying, "I can't be called an older brother...".

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In response, fans suggested various titles, "Then how should I call you? Uncle? Mister?" Park Hae-soo laughed, saying, "Mister would be better."

Not only that, but during the stage greeting, even actor Seol Gyeong-gu called out Hae-soo Park, “Hae-soo oppa!!” and guided him to the fans, drawing laughter.

Park Hae-soo, who recently met fans through the 'ghost' stage greeting, is gaining popularity by showing a sweet image by approaching the fans who call him 'oppa', even though he is embarrassed, by approaching them first, greeting them, and signing autographs.

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Fans who saw his reaction to 'Haesoo oppa' said, "I should say Haesoo oppa when I go on stage greetings", "Haesu oppa is handsome", "On the day he lowered his bangs, oppa or mister?", "I became an oppa as a ghost. Park Hae-soo", "Because he's sweet, he's an older brother", etc.

Born in 1981 and turning 41 this year, Park Hae-soo has a diverse fan base by acting in the dramas 'Prison Playbook', 'Squid Game', 'Suriname', and films 'Quantum Physics', 'Yaksha', and 'Ghost'.

(Photo = Reporter Baek Seung-cheol, CJ ENM Movie official Twitter, Twitter capture)

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