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The Senate facilitates the construction of new reactors

Carried by a right-wing majority, the Senate was to vote Tuesday evening on a very technical bill, aimed at promoting the construction of new nuclear reactors.

Mission accomplished, with 239 votes for and 16 against, at the cost of a very uninhibited version of the text.

Examined in March at the Assembly, this version simplifies administrative procedures in order to promote the construction of new reactors.

According to Agnès Pannier-Runacher, these provisions will "not add a period of two to three years to the construction of a reactor", while Emmanuel Macron has announced that he wants to build at least six.

Third mass shooting in four days in the United States

The statistics are terrible: three shootings and 21 deaths in four days.

On Tuesday, the United States was once again bereaved by a mass killing.

A man killed three people around 3:30 a.m. before committing suicide in the US state of Washington.

Saturday and Monday, two shootings had already hit California, killing 11 and 7 within 48 hours of each other, and particularly hitting the Asian community, from which most of the victims came.

The nominations for the Césars unveiled this Wednesday

After the list of Oscars arrives this Wednesday that of Caesar.

It is therefore the turn of the French cinema to announce the names of the filmmakers and performers or the films in the running for the awards of the high mass of the 7th art.

So who will succeed

Illusions Perdues

, last year's winner with seven trophies, including best film?

The 4,705 members of the Academy, 44% of whom are women, will have one month to vote, before the award ceremony on February 24 at the Olympia.


See you in 2050, where the cinema ticket costs 45 euros


The hydrogen pipeline between Barcelona and Marseille will be extended to Germany

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