During the festive Spring Festival, setting off fireworks and firecrackers is a favorite entertainment activity for many people in order to increase the "new year flavor".

This year, the "Gatling" Internet celebrity fireworks are very popular, and many people even like to hold them.

  On January 25, the National Fire and Rescue Bureau released a video of the "Gatling" fireworks display experiment on its official Weibo.

In the video, the experimenters hold the "Gatling" fireworks. After they are lit, the spray range of the fireworks is close to 40 meters. When the fireworks splash on the combustible objects, the objects are instantly ignited, and the flames are obvious.

The experimenters also found that during the hand-held discharge process, there will be a large amount of fireworks residue splashing down, and there is a risk of splashing into the eyes; in addition, after the fireworks are set off, the temperature of the ignition port is still above 240 degrees Celsius, and there is a risk of burns.

  The experimenters pointed out that the fireworks are actually marked "no hand-holding", and those who set off the fireworks should follow the instructions.

  In addition, firefighters reminded that when purchasing fireworks, they must be purchased on platforms with sales permits. When setting off fireworks, be sure to choose an open outdoor area, away from combustible materials, and minors must be accompanied by adults when setting off.

  The Paper noticed that before the festival, the Emergency Management Department issued a safety reminder for fireworks and firecrackers: you should go to the legal retail outlets that hang the "Fireworks and Firecrackers Business (Retail) Permit" to buy personal fireworks and firecrackers produced by regular manufacturers, and do not buy fireworks bombs And other professional fireworks, fake and shoddy fireworks.

In addition, fireworks and firecrackers are flammable and explosive. For safety, please purchase fireworks and firecrackers in moderation according to the needs of the display, and avoid storing large quantities at home.

(The Paper reporter Lu Xinwen)