In a series of robberies that have occurred one after another in various places, there is a possibility that a person named "Luffy", who is suspected to have given instructions by the police authorities in multiple cases, is staying in the Philippines. Interviews with investigative officials revealed that it seems that members were gathered through "dark part-time jobs".

The police authorities are rushing to clarify the fact that the crimes caused by the group under the direction of this person are spreading all over the country.

In the robbery-murder case in which Iyo Oshio, 90, was murdered at a house in Komae, Tokyo this month, the mobile phones of the suspects arrested in two other robbery injuries were sent messages regarding the Komae case. It is clear that messages that were believed to have been exchanged and information on the housing at the site remained.

The police authorities are strengthening the view that there is a group that repeats crimes by sharing information on SNS and replacing the perpetrators, and as a result of analyzing the mobile phone of the suspect who has already been arrested, "Luffy". There is a suspicion that a person who claims to have given instructions to the executioner in multiple incidents.

According to investigative sources, this person may have been staying in the Philippines from the source number, etc., and is believed to have gathered members of the robbery group through SNS "dark part-time job".

Of these, in May last year, a luxury watch worth about 70 million yen was stolen in Kyoto City, in October, a robbery occurred in Inagi City, Tokyo, and in November, a house in Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. In cases such as attempted robbery, it is believed that the person who applied was told to use a communication app that disappears after a certain period of time when contacting the person who applied.

There is a suspicion that the incidents in Shiga, Osaka, and Hiroshima were caused by the same chain of command, and the police authorities believe that the crimes committed by the group under the direction of this person have spread all over the country. I'm in.

Revealed in the trial of robbery group Yamaguchi in "dark part-time job"

Unfamiliar people who gather through recruitment of "dark part-time jobs" form robbery groups and repeat crimes.

Among the cases that have occurred one after another all over the country, the actual situation has gradually become apparent from the trials of the executives who have already been arrested and indicted.

In November last year, in a house in Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, five people were arrested and prosecuted in an incident in which they threatened a resident with a cutter knife and tied it with a cable tie to steal money.

The addresses of the five are Tokyo, Tochigi, Aichi, and Hokkaido.

A robbery group was formed by members who gathered from various places and were believed to have never met each other.

The trigger was a "dark part-time job" recruited on SNS.

One of the five found a job posting on the Internet with a daily allowance of 1 million yen and applied while struggling to pay off their debts.

When I contacted the person in charge of the recruitment, it was explained that it was a Tataki job with a reward of 1 million yen.

"Tataki" is a slang term for "robbery," and he said he decided to accept the job because he wanted a high reward.

After that, various instructions were issued, but the name of the instructor remained unknown until the end, and the instructor was ``unnamed'' in the trial.

Five people were divided into roles such as "executive role", "driver role", "communication role with superiors", and "watchman role".

Before the crime, in the car the group rode in, the ``liaison officer'' explained to other members that ``the victims have two safes and a total of 100 million yen.'' am.

It is believed that information about the victim was conveyed by a "supervisor," that is, a commander, suggesting that the robbery group was aware of the target's financial situation in advance.

"If you don't know the number of the safe, just threaten with a cutter and ask," he said, and broke into the house, but the attempt ended in failure as the residents resisted.

A method of gathering criminal groups with "dark part-time jobs".

From 2019 to 2020, it was also seen in the `` Apo Den robbery '', which was robbed after asking by phone how much cash was in the house.

Even now, there are job postings on SNS that are considered to be "dark part-time jobs", and the police authorities are increasing their vigilance.