The Zero Waste association on Tuesday pinned several fast food chains on their use of reusable tableware.

It has thus asked Burger King, KFC, McDonald's and Quick to abandon the "all disposable" model and to comply with the law relating to the fight against waste and the circular economy (Agec) passed in 2020. Indeed , since January 1, fast food establishments offering at least 20 seats must use reusable tableware (cups, plates, containers, cutlery, etc.) for meals and drinks served at the table.

⛔57% of #fastfoods visited by #ZeroWaste activists do not respect the obligation of reusable dishes for on-site catering of more than 20 seats #LoiAGEC@BurgerKingFR @McDonaldsFrance @KFCFrance @QuickFrance_: it is urgent to get out of the all-disposable!

— Zero Waste France (@ZeroWasteFR) January 24, 2023

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However, Zero Waste has observed dozens of violations.

The association thus sent its militants to inspect 286 fast-food restaurants, from January 9 to 22.

"In 48 cities and territories" in France, "the ban on disposable tableware for on-site catering is still little respected by fast food brands", according to a press release.

KFC and Quick, bad students

Among these establishments of the Burger King, KFC, McDonald's and Quick brands, "more than half, or 57%, continue to use only disposable tableware for on-site catering", assures the association.

Zero Waste France therefore wrote to the four brands on Tuesday “to alert them to the illegality of this practice and ask them to quickly put an end to this violation in all of their establishments”.

Two of them, KFC and Quick, "are bad students, with 100% of restaurants, respectively 55 and 25, which do not apply the law".

Their teams say “not to have received precise information from the headquarters on the dates and developments envisaged”, affirms Zero Waste.

180,000 tons of waste each year

On the Burger King side, “the restaurants visited mainly serve meals on site in disposable dishes, at 59%, or 57 restaurants”.

At McDonald's, "one in four restaurants visited, or 26 restaurants out of the 110 visited, still serves meals on site in disposable dishes," adds the association.

The fines incurred are "7,500 euros, 15,000 euros in the event of a repeat offense" for these offenses, explains Alice Elfassi, head of legal affairs for Zero Waste France quoted by the press release, calling on the State to "guarantee compliance with the law" by "adequate controls".

Fast food chains serve 6 billion meals a year in 30,000 points of sale in France, which generates 180,000 tonnes of waste each year.


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