Three years ago, Tokushima Prefecture announced the name of a ramen shop visited by a person infected with the new coronavirus. dismissed the complaint without acknowledging

In July 2020, when the new corona infection entered the second wave nationwide, Tokushima Prefecture announced the name of the ramen shop where the 20th infected person confirmed in the prefecture stopped for about 20 minutes.

Regarding this, the store side filed a lawsuit seeking compensation of 11 million yen from the prefecture, claiming that the store name was made public without consent and suffered serious reputational damage.

In this trial, Presiding Judge Makoto Shimado of the Tokushima District Court handed down the judgment on the afternoon of the 25th, dismissing the complaint without acknowledging the store's claim.

In the trials so far, the store side did not need to announce the name of the store because there was no urgency such as the occurrence of a cluster. They claimed they weren't.

On the other hand, the prefectural government called for the attention of unspecified customers who were present in the store and requested that the appeal be dismissed, saying that the announcement was legitimate in light of the social situation at the time.