China News Service, Urumqi, January 25th (Pan Qi) With the sound of drums, in the People's Park of Urumqi, the performers of the Yangko Team wore festive and gorgeous costumes, colorful headdresses on their heads, colorful fans in their hands, and tied around their waists. Ribbon twisting, yangko dance, lion dance, and funny folk story characters appear on stage. In the past few days, social fire performances have attracted laughter from tourists, and the New Year flavor is everywhere.

The lanterns are bright, and the strong flavor of the New Year is coming.

Photo by Pan Qi

  "Although the temperature has reached minus 20 degrees Celsius, everyone's enthusiasm has not diminished." Zhang Aifang, captain of the Shehuo Team, told a reporter from that the moon will not be round without lanterns, and the New Year will be sad if you don't play with Shehuo.

"People rushed to take pictures with us after every performance, I feel very proud."

The Shehuo team toured around the People's Park in Urumqi.

Photo by Pan Qi

  Akbar Tursun, deputy director of the Shayibak District Cultural Center in Urumqi, said that the average age of the members of the Shehuo team is about 60 years old, and most of them are retired employees. They hope that through wonderful performances, everyone will be lively to celebrate the new year.

In addition, intangible cultural heritage producers who made paper-cutting and sachets were specially invited to give free New Year gifts to the public.

A piece of paper-cut with best wishes was given to the citizens.

Photo by Pan Qi

  As night fell, groups of lanterns with different shapes and colorful colors were lit up in the People's Park of Urumqi, attracting many citizens to enjoy the lanterns and view the scenery.

  "There are 17 groups of works on this lantern show, all of which are representative preserved works from last year's lantern show. After more than half a month of restoration and repair by the staff, they have reappeared in splendor." Zhai Chaoyang, Chief Engineer of Urumqi People's Park introduce.

Citizens of Urumqi buy food at food stalls in the park.

Photo by Pan Qi

  On the same day, Ma Hongbin, a citizen of Urumqi, brought his child to the park. In order for his daughter to see the lantern clearly, he put the child on his neck.

He told reporters that the Lantern Festival has both Chinese-specific festive elements and Xinjiang regional characteristics. Watching lanterns has become an essential part of the Chinese New Year.