, Ningde, January 25th (Lin Rongsheng, Ma Qichen) "I have fought dozens of rounds with Hong Yun, and there is no winner..." On the 25th, in the folk art exhibition hall on the first floor of the Zherong County Cultural Center in Ningde City, Fujian Province, Zhe Zheng Yunde, the provincial intangible cultural heritage inheritor of Rongbu puppetry, sits behind the stage, using both hands and feet, stepping on gongs and drums, and dancing the characters with ten fingers dexterously, flexibly interpreting scenes of intricate tension and suspense, joys and sorrows and separations and reunions.

  "It's still a familiar singing voice. I really miss it. I used to move a bench to watch the puppet show every new year and festival. It feels very old-fashioned." Uncle Liu who watched it with great interest said to the reporter with a smile.

Zherong puppet show, a representative item of Fujian provincial intangible cultural heritage, is also known as thumb play.

Photo by Lin Wenqiang

  Zorong Puppetry, also known as Thumb Opera, was announced by the Fujian Provincial Government in 2008 as one of the first representative items of Fujian Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Zherong puppet show is a combination of singing, drums and music. Artists use both hands and feet. They not only step on gongs and drums, but also manipulate characters, change their singing voices according to different roles, imitate animal calls and various noises, and are widely popular in eastern Fujian. It is known as the "Unique Skill in Bamin".

Every major festival, Zherong puppetry will appear in the streets and alleys, ancestral halls and temple fairs, bringing joy and laughter to the people.

Citizens participated in the mobile phone photography competition of "I took 'family portrait' in Zhebo".

Photo by Ma Qichen

  Zherong County Cultural Center has a strong flavor of the new year, and the streets and alleys are also full of joyful scenes. The streets are full of lucky bags with paper-cut elements, lanterns and lanterns in the shape of Chinese knots, which imply that the New Year is full of blessings and prosperity; The New Year landscape layout of streets, intersections, and parks incorporates the "blessing" culture, the theme of the Year of the Rabbit, and Zherong paper-cutting elements; in the Huahai Park, kale and Belgian rhododendrons are blooming, attracting tourists to stop and take pictures.

Citizens visit the special exhibition of cultural relics "Fu Culture" in Zherong Museum.

Photo by Ma Qichen

  Local officials stated that in order to promote traditional Chinese culture, create a strong festive atmosphere, and enrich the cultural life of the people during the Spring Festival, the county organized various cultural activities to benefit the people according to local conditions, and carefully prepared a variety of cultural performances, lantern riddle quizzes, exhibitions, and folk culture. A series of rich and exciting "New Year's Eve" activities made the people of the whole county happy and joyful for the new year.

  Not only in Zherong County, during the Spring Festival this year, Ningde City held a series of cultural performances for the benefit of the people of the "Mountains and Seas Welcome Spring · Blessed Ningde" 2023 Cultural Tourism New Year Gathering Intangible Cultural Heritage Group.

From January 24 (the third day of the first lunar month) to February 5 (the fifteenth day of the first lunar month), seven intangible cultural heritage troupes in Ningde will bring 26 wonderful performances to the people in the central city, including She Song, Pingnan Siping Opera, Shou Ningbei Road Opera, Fu'an Ping Opera, etc., allow the general public to enjoy a cultural feast at their doorstep, experience the strong "New Year flavor" and feel the "blessing flavor".

Citizens choose books in bookstores.

Photo by Ma Qichen

  "Welcome New Year and Send Blessings" cultural activity to benefit the people, Xiaobaihua Opera (Yue Opera) performances in Zherong County, and intangible cultural heritage folk cultural performances such as marionettes, cloth bags, and storytelling entered communities and towns, presenting steaming literature and art to the public The big meal also made the public feel the strong taste of the New Year, and it was very popular and the venue was full.

  Going into libraries and bookstores to read and study has also become a new choice for most people during the New Year.

During the Spring Festival, as long as she has free time, Ms. Wang, a citizen, will take her children to bookstores to read, not only to recharge her own learning, but also to choose suitable children's books for her children.

  "I like reading more, and I hope to cultivate children's reading interest and ability. I feel that this year has been very fulfilling." Ms. Wang, who is reading books with her children, said.

Citizens conducted a five-day lantern riddle quiz on "protection of cultural relics and cultural heritage".

Photo by Ma Qichen

  There are also many citizens who take advantage of the free time during the Spring Festival to visit museums and cultural centers to see exhibitions, or to visit scenic spots.

Zherong County Museum and Cultural Center successively launched a series of exhibitions, including the special exhibition of "Fu Culture" of cultural relics collected in the museum, the paper-cut exhibition of "Golden Sentences" in the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the red-themed paper-cut art exhibition of Zherong County, the protection of cultural relics and cultural heritage Guessing lantern riddles for five days, I took a "family portrait" mobile phone photography competition in Zhebo, etc., allowing the audience to experience the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the connotation of blessing culture, and the charm of Zherong's characteristic folk culture.

  Zherong County has also carefully planned the "blessing" cultural boutique itineraries, and launched "blessing" and "blessing seeking" cultural tourism routes with distinct themes, which also attracted local people and tourists from surrounding counties and cities to start the "blessing journey" ".

  Apart from visiting relatives and friends, going to various parks for leisure and entertainment has also become the choice of many people.

There are many tourists in the large and small parks in the county. Many citizens either call for friends, or bring the whole family, old and young, to enjoy the New Year time to the fullest.

In Zherong Huahai Park, kale and Belgian rhododendrons are blooming, beaming with joy.

Photo by Wei Fasong

  "Invite some relatives and friends to come to the park to enjoy the flowers and scenery, and there is a place for children to play. It feels good." Mr. Zhao, a citizen, looked at the children playing on the children's play facilities with a smile on his face.

  Local officials stated that during the Spring Festival, various mass cultural and tourism activities will be carried out to create a strong festive atmosphere of joy, peace, festivities, and civilization and progress, and to deliver warm, connotative, and prosperous "cultural New Year feasts" to the people. ", which also makes the people's sense of happiness and gain better.