China News Network, Leishan, January 25th, title: China's largest Miao village: singing and dancing "noisy" Chinese New Year folk tourism is very popular

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  "On the 30th day of the new year, 50% of the rooms in my homestay were booked, and they were full on the first day of the first lunar month." When interviewed by a reporter from, Xijiang Aiyisu homestay owner Mao Yu couldn't help but sigh: "This Spring Festival, Xijiang Thousands of Humiao village has returned to the popularity before the new crown epidemic.”

  During the Spring Festival holiday in 2023, Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village, the "China's largest Miao village" located in Leishan County, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province, is full of lights and festoons, and its popularity is "overwhelming".

Tourists from all over the world follow the footsteps of the Spring Festival, meet here with family and friends, and experience the Spring Festival with Miao cultural characteristics together.

Tourists dressed in costumes of the Miao nationality took a group photo photo by Pu Wensi

  At the north gate and west gate entrance of Qianhu Miao Village Scenic Area in Xijiang, local Miao compatriots dressed in costumes, blowing reeds, and welcome guests from afar with the highest welcome etiquette of the Miao nationality - twelve gate wine.

  "Twelve gate wines represent the twelve blessings of congratulations on prosperity, hard work and kindness, magnanimity and wealth, and beauty and longevity." The Miao girl with a horn cup in her hand introduced to the tourists that under the "encouragement" of relatives and friends, Sichuan Tourist Li Xuanming experienced the whole process of blocking wine in one go.

"Good luck in the New Year, and auspiciousness. The bar wine is sweet and delicious, but not intoxicating!" Li Xuanming laughed.

Tourists and Miao compatriots dance the Lusheng dance together Photo by Pu Wensi

  Walking into the Miao Village, from the performance venue, Fengyu Bridge to the old reed field and the ancient street, the original ecological singing and dancing performances of the Miao people, the parade performance of the reed costumes of the Miao people, the sending of firewood (wealth) and auspiciousness in the New Year, and the "traveling" of the Miao people and other folk cultural activities It is staged in different time periods, and tourists can experience it with joy.

  Dressed in a Miao costume rented from a Miao clothing store, Yang Li, a tourist from Shaanxi, took a group photo with her family at Xijiang Fengyu Bridge. She told reporters that this was her first long-distance travel since the outbreak of the epidemic.

"I had a New Year's Eve dinner at home, and the family flew to Guizhou on the first day of the first lunar month. There are many folk activities for the Spring Festival in Qianhu Miao Village in Xijiang. In the past two days, I have experienced making rice cakes, making Miao embroidery, and I have been with Miao compatriots. I danced the Lusheng dance, which was very interesting!"

Silversmith demonstrates silver jewelry forging process Photo by Pu Wensi

  In the Miao Village, the tourists are having a good time, while the merchants are very busy.

The reporter saw in a Miao silver jewelry store that there was an endless stream of tourists who came to buy silver jewelry and silver utensils.

A corner of the silver jewelry shop also displays the silver jewelry forging skills of the Miao nationality to tourists, attracting tourists to stop and watch.

"Twelve Road Barrier Wine" in Qianhu Miao Village in Xijiang, photo by Pu Wensi

  "This is the first time I've been home for the New Year in three years. I went to Xijiang Miao Village with my mother during the holiday. I chose a silver bracelet for her. I wish her safety and health." In front of the counter, a sterling silver bracelet with a Miao sun drum pattern After being spotted by Wu Lijuan, a tourist from Guiyang, she gave the bracelet to her mother as a New Year gift.

Photo by Pu Wensi, a barbecue stall run by Hou Qing, a post-90s guy in Xijiang

  "Traditional Miao silver jewelry is all handmade with excellent craftsmanship." Li Linshu, the person in charge of the silver jewelry store and a silversmith in Xijiang Maliao Village, told reporters that his family currently operates 6 silver jewelry shops in Xijiang, driving the development of 14 silver jewelry workshops in Maliao Village. , More than 40 villagers were employed.

"During the Spring Festival, there are many tourists in Xijiang, and all our staff are on duty to make full preparations." Li Linshu introduced that this year, in conjunction with the theme of the Year of the Rabbit, the silver jewelry store also launched some silver jewelry with rabbit elements, which are very popular among tourists.

Photo by Pu Wensi in a corner of Xijiang Aiyisu Homestay

  "Handsome guy, here are 50 skewers of black haired pork without chili you ordered. Try it while it's hot. It's delicious. Come back next time..." Like Li Linshu, Xijiang's "post-90s" guy Hou Qing and his family said this The Spring Festival is also very busy "round and round".

In an alley less than 3 square meters in front of his house, Hou Qing runs a barbecue stall, which specializes in local specialty black haired pork skewers.

His parents, brother and sister-in-law run a farmhouse next door to his barbecue stall.

Tourists shop at the Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village Silver Jewelry Shop Photo by Pu Wensi

  "This year's Spring Festival, I ordered 7 black-haired pigs with farmers, and sold out the amount of two pigs on the second day of the first month." Hou Qing introduced that his family has been catering in Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village for nearly 20 years, and he is mainly in charge of barbecue stalls. From morning to night, it is very fulfilling.

"It is much better to work at home than to go out to work. Our average daily net profit has exceeded 5,000 yuan in the past few days. At present, the number of tourists is still increasing. We have hired 7 employees at home, and we are doing our best to provide catering services. "

Photo by Pu Wensi in a corner of Qianhu Miao Village in Xijiang

  As night falls, the lights of Qianhu Miao Village in Xijiang are lit up, instantly turning into an ocean of lights and a world of light.

Standing on the viewing platform of the Miao Village, some tourists sighed: Like gorgeous fireworks, a beautiful grand occasion blooms in an instant, which makes people feel extra warm.