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Hollywood celebrity Paris Hilton (41), who is running a business as an heiress to a hotel chain brand, has a son through a surrogate mother.

Paris Hilton announced the news of her son's birth on the 24th (local time) through the American media People, saying, "Becoming a mother has always been a dream of mine. I'm glad Carter and I found each other. 's heart is overflowing with joy for the baby."

Afterwards, Paris Hilton posted a picture of holding the baby's finger on social media and wrote, "You are already loved beyond words."

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Paris Hilton is known to have been preparing for the second generation in detail from the following year after getting married in 2021.

She said he was preparing her to become a mother by freezing her eggs several months in advance.

Paris Hilton did not disclose the name or exact date of birth of her first child obtained through her surrogate mother.

Paris Hilton gained popularity as a Hollywood celebrity by revealing his luxurious life through a reality program, and later started his own business and launched his own clothing and perfume brands to succeed.

Paris Hilton's husband, Carter Leeum, is a writer and businessman with a significant net worth.

(Reporter Kang Kyung-yoon of SBS Entertainment News)