While heavy snow and severe cold are expected due to the very strong cold of this winter, the Saitama City Waterworks Bureau is calling on SNS for advance measures to prevent freezing and precautions when freezing.

Saitama City's waterworks bureau, which is expected to have a minimum temperature of minus 4 degrees on the 25th, said that water pipes are more likely to freeze when the temperature drops below minus 4 degrees, and there are cases of water leakage due to breakage and cracks. is calling for measures to

Specifically, it is recommended

to cover outdoor water pipes with heat insulating material or towels, cover them with plastic bags and secure them with wire, and

also put Styrofoam bags and old towels inside meter boxes. .

On top of that, in the unlikely event that the water pipe freezes, do not

pour hot water over the water pipe as


may burst.

I want you to apply a warm wind mainly to the base of the faucet with a hair dryer.

The city's waterworks bureau received about 30 inquiries about measures on the 23rd alone.

Keima Hattori, vice-counselor of the Sales Division of the Saitama City Waterworks Bureau, said, "I can do it with towels I have at home, so I'd like to ask you to take measures today. It looks like it's going to be extremely cold, but if there's no water, don't panic. I would like you to respond to this," he said.