Two boxing kangaroos have caused panic at a campsite on Australia's east coast.

The two animals were in the middle of a fight when, in the heat of the moment, they crashed into a family tent, according to video broadcast by 9 News on Tuesday.

The terrified screams of a woman can be heard from inside.

An eyewitness calls out to her: "Keep your distance!" The scuffle at the Trial Bay Gaol Campground north of Sydney ended lightly, at least for the holidaymakers in the tent.

It is unclear whether the marsupials are fighting for their territory or for a female.

Normally, kangaroos tend to be peaceful animals, but when they compete, they can wrestle extremely aggressively.

In addition to boxing blows, it then also uses heavy kicks.

People should keep their distance from the fascinating wildlife spectacle.

Because in rare cases, the hopping animals also attack people.

In the past year there had been several attacks that resulted in injuries.

In September there was a fatality for the first time in more than 80 years: a 77-year-old man who kept a pet kangaroo was attacked and died from his injuries.