Today (24th), the last day of the holiday, the strongest cold wave of this winter has arrived.

Cold weather will continue until tomorrow, and more snow will fall in Honam and Jeju.

Let's find out more about the weather by connecting to the Meteorological Center.

Yujin Nam Caster, please tell me.

<Weather Caster>

It is still snowing a lot in Honam and Jeju.

This is the state of Naju, Jeollanam-do at this time. The snow is constantly blowing and the wind is blowing strongly.

If you look at the status of this time special report, there are currently heavy snow warnings in western Honam and Jeju, storm warnings in all seas, and strong wind warnings in various parts of the coast.

If you look at this visual radar image, the cloud belt developed in the West Sea is being blown into Honam and Jeju by strong winds.

Meanwhile, the strongest cold wave this winter came today (24th).

Seoul also officially recorded a minimum temperature of 16.7 degrees below zero this morning, and the cold will continue tomorrow as well.

You need to be prepared for the cold.

Tomorrow morning, the temperature in Seoul is expected to be -18 degrees Celsius and Chuncheon -20 degrees, and the daytime temperature will be higher than today, but it will still be cold below zero.

The day after tomorrow, the cold will be relieved for a while, but it will snow around the central part.

(Nam Yu-jin weather caster)