It is said that the strongest cold wave of this winter will come tomorrow (24th) as the temperature drops significantly from night.

Let's find out more about the weather by connecting to the Meteorological Center.

Caster Lim Eun-jin, please tell me.


Tomorrow, a substitute holiday, will be the coldest day this winter.

Currently, the temperature in Seoul is slightly above the average level, but the temperature will drop significantly overnight and there will be a sharp wind.

Therefore, cold wave warnings and advisories have been issued across the country.

Tomorrow morning, the temperature will plummet to minus 17 degrees in Seoul and minus 22 degrees in Daegwallyeong.

In particular, the perceived temperature tomorrow morning will drop to around -30 degrees below zero, especially in areas where a cold wave warning has been issued.

Starting from Jeju Island tonight in the cold wave, you need to prepare for heavy snowfall in Honam and Jeju between tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

In the Jeju mountains, Ulleungdo and Dokdo, a lot of snow is expected from 30 to 70cm in many places, and 5 to 20cm in the Honam region.

After today, many clouds will pass over the country.

You need to be careful of dust in the western area and dry air in the eastern area.

We will record the lowest temperature again on Wednesday when we go back to our daily routine, and the cold will continue for a long time after that.

(Im Eun-jin weather caster)