, Guangzhou, January 22 (Guo Jun, Zhao Xiaoyan, Zhao Lin) "My father lived in the hospital in Sanya for a month. This time, he will continue to be hospitalized when he returns to his hometown during the Chinese New Year. Thank you for not only carrying my father to get on and off the car, but also providing a "One-stop" careful care, it was too much trouble for you along the way, I like you! I wish you a happy New Year's Eve!" At 19:06 on New Year's Eve in 2023, Sun Gaofeng, the conductor of the train, received a thank you message from the family of passenger Mr. Wang.

Train conductor Sun Gaofeng and his colleagues provide assistance to Mr. Wang (Photo by Zhao Lin)

  It is understood that on January 19, the train Z502 from Sanya to the west of Beijing, which was on duty by the Guangzhou Railway Group Guangzhou Passenger Section Jingguang Motorcade, was checking tickets at Sanya Station.

At this time, Sun Gaofeng found a pale and weak passenger in a wheelchair among the passengers waiting in line for ticket inspection, so he immediately went to inquire.

It turned out that the passenger, Mr. Wang, suffered a cerebral hemorrhage while working at a construction site in Sanya a month ago, and was treated in Sanya Central Hospital. His wife and son rushed to Sanya Central Hospital from their hometown in Hebei to accompany him.

After a month of treatment, Mr. Wang's condition has improved, but he is still unable to walk on the ground, and the medical expenses he paid have been used up. Now that the Spring Festival is approaching, he has applied to the hospital to return to his hometown for rehabilitation.

Because the wheelchair used by Mr. Wang was too wide, the family members could not push it into the car, and the patient’s son claimed that he could not carry his father on his back. Sun Gaofeng took the initiative to squat down and carefully carried the patient to the No. He told the flight attendant in carriage No. 8: "Be sure to take good care of this sick passenger."

  Considering that Mr. Wang can only eat light food, Sun Gaofeng took the initiative to contact the dining car and deliver special meals to Mr. Wang.

During the more than 30-hour journey, because he was worried that Mr. Wang would not be able to find the train staff when he needed it, Sun Gaofeng paid close attention to and took care of Mr. Wang after doing the standard work of his job, which solved Mr. Wang's worries.

  At 0:41 on January 21, the train slowly entered Zhengzhou Station.

Sun Gaofeng had already contacted the station staff in advance to wait at the gate of No. 8 car.

With the help of Sun Gaofeng, Mr. Wang got out of the car smoothly.

Sun Gaofeng and the station attendant did a good job in the handover work, and the love relay provided assistance for Mr. Wang to leave the station.

Seeing the back of Mr. Wang gradually going away, Sun Gaofeng let out a long sigh of relief.