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Child actress Kim Ji-young was embroiled in a debt controversy.

Controversy is growing because she was born in 2005 and the content of the revelation about Kim Ji-young, who is still in her teens, is provocative.

On the 22nd, Mr. A, who claimed to be Kim Ji-young's ex-boyfriend, tagged her Kim Ji-young's account on her personal SNS and said, "I didn't want to expose it, but she thinks about it for six months and uploads it." It was revealed that he had gone into hiding without repaying the money.

Mr. A said, “We lived together,” and insisted, “Kim Ji-young suffered domestic violence, so there is a debt of several hundred million, but my mother and father borrowed money and Ji-young rented a room for her. Of course, my parents paid the rent.”

She continued, "She went into hiding one day and left the house. She was dating Mr. B, so she told me not to contact her. She proudly told me that she would give me everything related to money, but she never contacted me." she burst out in a rage.

In addition, Mr. A said, "My father still sleeps for 4 hours and runs as a designated driver because of this money incident. The same goes for my mother. I don't want to see people living carelessly on TV. I will get off as soon as I pay the money back."

"Around March 10, 2022, the entire Kim Ji-young family came to the main house where our family was all located, and I was hit several times while saying nonsense that my family kidnapped and did something. I will take this money,” he added.

Another revelation came out.

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In response to this series of revelations, Kim Ji-young's SNS was flooded with comments from netizens such as "Pay back the money", "Why didn't you pay back and created this division", and "Deleting comments is useless".

However, she has not yet made any statement about Kim Ji-young.

When the incident spread to controversy, Mr. A left a message on social media again, saying, "After putting up with it for several months, I finally revealed it. If you add up all the money you spent, it will be several thousand." further explained.

Kim Ji-young is a child actress who made her face known by appearing in numerous of her works after debuting in her 2012 SBS drama 'Sweet Rain in My Life'.

She especially appeared in MBC's 2014 She Came!

In 'Jang Bo-ri', she played the role of Jang Gi-dan, and she was greatly loved by viewers.

(Reporter Kang Seon-ae of SBS Entertainment News)