"The tiger and the majestic pass are gone, and the bright moon explores the spring to attract the rabbits." When the new year is approaching, take stock of the reading vane and annual reading keywords of the past year, and sort out the cultural memories worth following and remembering.

May the dreams of the New Year be realized through reading; and may the expectations of the New Year be reached through books.

  reading weathervane

  Literature and biography category growth

  Supplementary books dropped the most

  According to the latest data released by Kaishu and CICC Yiyun Technology, the book retail market will decrease by 11.77% year-on-year in 2022, and short video e-commerce will increase by 42.86% year-on-year.

  Looking at the retail book market through different channels, the physical store channel retail book market has dropped by 37.22% year-on-year, which is more than the decline in 2020.

Compared with 2019, it has dropped by 56.7%, and the retail situation of physical stores is still relatively severe.

Platform e-commerce fell by 16.06% year-on-year, and vertical and other e-commerce fell relatively small, down 2.43% year-on-year.

Short video e-commerce achieved positive growth, up 42.86% year-on-year.

  Judging from the composition of all kinds of books in 2022, the children's category is the category with the largest proportion of foreign books, and the proportion of foreign books has further increased, an increase of 0.43 percentage points compared with 2021.

The proportion of foreign language in teaching and supplementary categories ranks second, a decrease of 2.26 percentage points from the proportion of foreign language in 2021.

Compared with 2021, the proportion of foreign languages ​​in the literature category has increased by 1.82 percentage points.

  Judging from the year-on-year growth of various categories, most market segments showed negative growth, and among the main categories, only literature and biography showed positive growth.

The increase in biography was mainly driven by bestsellers such as "The Biography of Su Dongpo".

The main driving force of the literature market comes from the popularity of the Internet, including online paper books and online discussions, and popular books such as "The Right Bank of the Ergun River" and "Life and Death Fatigue". At the same time, some new literary works can also be seen Through the recommendation of the head anchor, good results have been achieved, such as "Traveling in the Years" and so on.

  From the specific data, the proportion of original books has increased in the past two years, the proportion of original and innovative books has increased from 23.9% to 24.5%, and the proportion of original and innovative books has risen from 23.7% to 30.1%.

Judging from the category distribution of original books, in 2022, there will be more original and new books in the literature, children's, academic culture, and economics and management categories, all of which will be more than 6,000.

Judging from the proportion of original books in different subcategories, the proportion of original books in new books in the literature category is the highest, and the proportion of genres and code foreign books both exceed 50%.

From the perspective of the variety efficiency of original innovative books, the single-item profitability of original innovative books in the categories of psychological self-help, life, natural science, computer, literature and art is higher than the overall level of corresponding new books.

  Keyword one fictitious bestseller list

  "Three-body" sparks science fiction craze

  Combining data from Kaijuan, Dangdang.com, and JD.com, the top fictional bestsellers last year belonged to "Three-Body Problem", "To Kill a Mockingbird", "The Sea of ​​Life", "Dream of Red Mansions" (original version) and so on.

  At the end of last year, the "Three-Body Problem" online drama was launched; at the beginning of this year, the TV series of the same name was popular on CCTV, and the topic of "Three-Body Problem" on social media quickly became a trending topic, with 980 million people reading and 546,000 people discussing. A carnival for Chinese science fiction fans.

At the same time, as the TV series "Three-Body Problem" was broadcast on CCTV, the publishing circle also quickly received positive feedback on the benefits of film and television.

On the Dangdang platform, the "Three-Body Problem" trilogy sold out quickly. This milestone work, which has occupied the forefront of the book sales list all the year round, topped the year-end fictional bestseller list when it came out for 16 years. Fans are looking forward to it.

  Liu Cixin made sci-fi works out of the circle, and "Three-Body Problem" became the best in national recognition.

In addition, Chinese contemporary novels are on the list for four places, capturing the hearts of hundreds of millions of readers: Mao Dun Literary Award winner Mai Jia's "Life in the Sea" and Chi Zijian's "The Right Bank of the Ergun River" continue to exert their classic charm .

  Keyword 2 Original children's book list

  Traditional culture accompanies children to grow up

  According to the data of Dangdang.com's annual children's book bestseller list, original books created for children on Chinese history, geography and traditional culture occupy the top four places.

"Chinese History Written for Children" and "Juveniles' Reading History" have gone through the test of time and become more timeless; "Shan Hai Jing for Children" uses magnificent ancient myths to stimulate children's interest in reading; Write history and geography in the way of popular science comics that children like to read, and start a trip to China on the tip of your toes.

The other six seats in the top ten list focus on exploring nature, science, mathematics, human encyclopedia and other creative fields, all of which are imported brand book series that have been verified by the market.

  The other four original Chinese children's books that entered the list are: "I am a Child of China" which tells the story of the Chinese nation, and "Confucius is Coming!" which exports traditional culture.

The Analects of Confucius can be read like this", star Sun Li's cross-border creation "Xixi Family Growth Diary·I Will Protect Myself" and the only toy book selected as "Space Station Panoramic Pop-up Book: Returning Home with the Stars".

  Keywords ternary universe

  Digital Book Collection Becomes a New Topic in the Publishing Industry

  Digital collections, as an innovative cultural carrier in the "Metaverse Era", became a fresh topic in the publishing industry last year.

The development direction of paper books tends to "integrate", and digital collections are one of the modes of integration.

  Since the launch of the first digital collection in the publishing industry in Changjiang New Century in early 2022, publishing institutions such as People's Literature Publishing House, China Youth Publishing House, and CITIC Publishing Group have successively entered the game, opening up new channels for integration and innovation, and creating new products.

  Looking at the current series of digital collections developed by publishing institutions, they basically have three characteristics: one is to develop based on the publishing institutions’ own authors and book products; the other is to add value to text content through digital technology; the third is to use the flow of digital collections The biggest feature is that it is used as a marketing action to cooperate with the publication of paper books.

  Whether it is audiobooks, e-books, rich media books, or IP operations, multimedia interactions, and peripheral product development, the publishing industry is constantly expanding the multiple presentation methods of book content, multimedia book marketing models, and multiple profit models.

  Keywords Four e-commerce platform

  Short videos gather users' attention

  From the perspective of the channel structure of the book retail market, the scale of platform e-commerce, vertical and other e-commerce and physical store channels is more than 1 million, and the variety of short video e-commerce is relatively small.

However, judging from the scale of retail books and foreign books, platform e-commerce accounted for the highest proportion, exceeding 40%, and the proportion of short video e-commerce surpassed that of physical store retail.

  Online bookstores have evolved from the earliest self-operated e-commerce to the current platform e-commerce and short video e-commerce. In this process, there are both new traffic entering and stock transfers.

At present, short video e-commerce, as an emerging e-commerce, is gathering more and more user attention, and its penetration into the e-commerce market is still deepening, with a market share of 18%.

Among them, children's books and exam teaching aids account for more than half, and are the most popular categories in the short video e-commerce channel. The proportion of imported original books is gradually increasing due to the hot sales of original picture books.

  Keyword five e-books

  The market is divided and e-books weaken

  In the summer of 2022, Amazon’s service account announced that Amazon will stop operating the Kindle e-bookstore in China one year later.

After this time, users will not be able to purchase new eBooks.

It has been exactly ten years since Kindle entered the Chinese market and exited.

There is no doubt that Kindle has made some contributions to the healthy and orderly development of the Chinese e-book market in the past ten years, but will its delisting change the development track of China's digital reading?

  On the one hand, the impact of short videos and live broadcasts has further divided users' limited reading time.

On the other hand, mobile phone-based reading platforms such as WeChat Reading have also taken away a lot of e-book market share.

According to research data from the China Press and Publication Research Institute, in 2020, 76.7% of users read on mobile phones, and only 8.6% of citizens use e-readers.

  Foreign e-book market data is not very optimistic: the report released by the Association of American Publishers shows that e-book revenue will achieve a contrarian growth of 12.4% in 2020, but it will drop again to US$1.97 billion in 2021, a decrease of 5.0%.

Nielsen book monitoring statistics show that e-book sales in the UK in 2021 will fall to the lowest level since 2012.

  Of course, e-books will not disappear, and it remains to be seen how the market will develop in the future.

The carrier and presentation form of content are always changing, and what remains unchanged is the high-quality book content itself.

  Keyword Six Bestsellers

  The platform brings hot spots to help

  In 2022, according to the data of the book retail market from January to October, the top 1% of book varieties in sales will contribute nearly 57% of the book retail market.

In today's diversified marketing, the industry's operating mechanism and platforms have undergone tremendous changes in 2022. "Flow" is one of the main factors driving book sales, and the driving effect of platforms, authors, and hotspot traffic is more prominent.

In terms of platforms, compared with the previous methods of recommending books through Weibo, WeChat big V, etc., the driving methods of platform traffic are now more diversified, and the driving effect is more obvious. Many classic books and new books are pushed to the public view.

In terms of authors, authors of best-selling classic books bring their own fan traffic, which drives the hot sales of new books; self-media talents increase their popularity and exposure through variety shows, programs or media platforms, thereby driving book sales.

  In terms of hotspots, when some real news hotspots occur, the public pays more attention to books in the field related to the event, which in turn drives the sales of books.

  Keywords Seven Book Fair

  Work hard to attract readers

  In the second half of 2022, there will be a lively period for offline book fairs: the first Shandong National Reading Conference and Qilu Book Fair, the 12th Jiangsu Book Fair, 2022 Southern Book Fair, 2022 China Huangshan Book Fair, and the 20th Beijing International Book Fair Festival, the 4th Shenzhen Book Fair, the 18th Shanghai Book Fair, and the 4th Tianfu Book Fair opened successively.

The 9th China Shanghai International Children's Book Fair (CCBF) was held in Shanghai in early December.

  Under special circumstances, book fairs around the world no longer emphasize the scale of the exhibition, but work hard on attracting readers.

For example, the Shanghai Book Fair adheres to the principle of safety and simplicity. Although the exhibition area has been reduced, it selects the best books for sale and reading activities, and pays more attention to quality reading; the Shenzhen Book Fair jointly organizes indoor and outdoor exhibitions, allowing readers to wander under the blue sky. , On the grass, the book fair is well combined with family trips during leisure time; Tianfu Book Fair has become a famous business card of Bashu culture. Last year's book fair "Cloud World" continued to innovate and expand, breaking through time and space constraints, with online and offline exhibition venues All over Sichuan Province, the citizens of the province enjoy the fragrance of books; Shanghai Children's Book Fair always adheres to "together with the world and the future", promotes the global development and cooperation of children's book publishing and children's content, and promotes quality reading for young people.

  Keyword eight traffic

  Hit TV Shows Drive Classic Books

  Judging from the resale of classic books, Liang Xiaosheng's "Human World", Mai Jia's "Life in the Sea", and Lu Yao's "Ordinary World" are all among the top 20 sales of fictional books in this issue.

Judging from the detonation of new books, Yu Minhong's "Traveling in the Years", "Going Home" and "Reading Methods" and other books are among the top 100 new book lists.

  At the beginning of last year, the TV series adapted from "The World" with super popularity and excellent word-of-mouth as a realistic theme was recognized by the public, which in turn drove the explosion of the original work, and the sales volume increased significantly. .

The sales of "Beauty Bones" and "Bad Boy" have also increased significantly due to the launch of adapted film and television dramas. In 2021 and 2020, they will enter the top three lists of the year due to the popularity of film and television dramas.

  Keywords Nine Bookstore

  Irreplaceable contrarian expansion

  A few days ago, the China Book Publishing Industry Association released the "National Physical Bookstore Operations Survey Report" (2022).

Through investigation, the report found that the main difficulties currently existing in bookstores are: poor popularity after the resumption of work and business; due to the decline in sales, the payment cannot be settled, and the supply of goods cannot be guaranteed.

In addition, the impact of the Internet, chaotic discounts, and piracy are also a few problems that have been reported more.

  Despite the difficulties, there are still new bookstores opening.

According to incomplete statistics, in 2022, there will be 165 newly opened bookstores across the country, covering 62 cities in 26 provinces. Among them, 16 new bookstores will be opened in Guangdong, ranking first in the country.

  Most of these 16 bookstores are private independent bookstores.

Why did Guangdong Bookstore expand against the trend in the past year?

Guangzhou is a city with thousands of years of cultural heritage. Many neighbors said in interviews: "Reading paper books has unique advantages and is irreplaceable to a certain extent."

  Keywords Ten Cantonese Edition Books

  A lot of excellent products have made remarkable achievements

  In the past year, Guangdong has continued to carry out in-depth creation activities of "restarting after reform and opening up"; promoted the literary creation of the three livelihood projects of "Cantonese Cuisine Master", "Guangdong Technician" and "Southern Guangdong Housekeeping"; carefully organized the "Great Beauty of Southern Guangdong·Civilized Guangdong" "Theme literature creation, implement the second batch of "Guangdong Youth Literature Guangdong Army Creation Support Program", and promote the implementation of the theme creation of the Chinese Writers Association's "Great Changes in Mountains and Rural Areas in the New Era".

In 2022, major breakthroughs will be made in the province's high-quality creations, 20 key projects supported by the Provincial Writers Association, 169 literary works published by member writers in the province, Ge Liang's novel "Swallow Food", Wei Wei's novel "In the Haze", Pompeii The novel "Introduction to the Wujiang River" was selected into the "Top 20 Best Books of the Year" by People's Literature Publishing House in 2022, and the first two were also selected into the "New Era Literary Climbing Plan" of the Chinese Writers Association.

  A series of outstanding works won literary honors. Cai Dong's short story "Under the Moonlight" and Ge Liang's novella "Flying Fat" won the 8th Lu Xun Literature Award, and Chen Jiming's novel "Peace" won the "Five One "Project" Excellent Work Award, and 7 works including Zhang Shishan's reportage "Struggle and Glory - A Narrative of a Well-off Life in Guangdong" won the provincial "Five One Project" award.

  Wu Bo, all-media reporter of Guangzhou Daily