Actor Na Cheol (37), who shone on the screen and TV screens with his unique acting, has died.

Na Cheol passed away on the morning of the 21st.

It is known that he was treated in a hospital due to his recent deteriorating health.

Na Cheol debuted in 2010 with the play 'Anne's Diary'.

Appearing in independent films such as 'Tylenol', 'Youth Widow', and 'Fangte', commercial films that were recognized for their acting skills, 'Along with the Gods: Crime and Punishment', '1987', 'Extreme Job', 'Yeol's Music' Album', 'Sinkhole', etc., and established itself as a luxury supporting actor.

He was also active in the home theater.

He showed off his outstanding acting skills in hit works such as the drama 'Vincenzo', 'Hospital Playlist' season 2, 'DP', and 'Those who read the evil mind'.

His most recent work is the wave drama 'Weak Hero Class 1' released last year.

In this work, he took on the role of 'Kilsu Kim', the boss of the organization who manages the runaways, and showed a bold performance as a villain.

Na Cheol received great love from the directors for his unique acting skills in a mask capable of playing both good and bad roles.

He has been active for the past 5 years and has left a strong impression on his fans.

His posthumous work is the movie 'Concrete Utopia', which is about to be released this year.

It is known that Na-cheol played the role of Jeong-nam in the play.

The director and actors who worked with him were greatly saddened by the sudden sad news.

Kim Go-eun, who worked together in the drama 'Little Women', expressed condolences on her social media, saying, 'The most wonderful actor #Na-cheol' and 'The most wonderful person, father, husband, son, friend #Na-cheol'. . I wanted to see more acting, but RIP" in memory of the deceased.

Na-cheol's mortuary was prepared in Room 5 of the funeral hall at Soonchunhyang University Hospital in Hannam-dong, Seoul.

His funeral is at 8:30 am on the 23rd, and Jangji is Byeokje Seunghwawon. 

(Reporter Kim Ji-hye of SBS Entertainment News)