, Shanghai, January 22 (Xie Mengyuan) "Ding ding ding..." At about ten o'clock in the morning on the 21st, the alarm bell of Zhoudu Fire Rescue Station (hereinafter referred to as: Zhoudu Station) in Pudong New Area, Shanghai suddenly sounded, and Qiu Zhe Ming threw down the half-cut paper rabbit and rushed out of the lounge, slid neatly along the copper pole on the second floor into the garage on the first floor, quickly changed into his combat uniform and boarded the fire engine.

Before he set off, he glanced at the electronic watch in the garage, and there were six or seven seconds left.

From receiving the police to dispatching the police, all nine commanders and fighters including the driver were in place within 45 seconds and rushed to the scene of the incident.

  After the fire truck drove for seven or eight minutes, the commander of the Linyi Fire Rescue Station in Pudong New Area informed the headquarters command center through the radio that the Linyi Fire Rescue Station had arrived and no other rescue stations were needed, and Zhoudu Station could return to the team.

It turned out that the debris in the courtyard of a residential area accidentally caught fire and ignited the room. When the firefighters arrived, the residents had already started to put out the fire by themselves. The fire was under control and no one was trapped.

  Such a "false alarm" has been staged many times at Zhoudu Station.

Qiu Zheming, the head of the Zhoudu station who has been a firefighter for nine years, told reporters that many of the police incidents every year are "false alarms". handling of the situation."

Firefighters at Zhoudu Station conduct a combat readiness inspection Photo by Xie Mengyuan

  In order to save time and quickly enter the rescue state, firefighters usually change into combat uniforms in the afternoon of New Year's Eve, and stay awake until the early hours of the morning when their combat readiness level is improved.

Gao Yuheng, the squad leader of the special service team at Zhoudu Station, recalled the New Year’s Eve at his post these years. He felt that the number of police cases had dropped significantly in recent years. Basically, we have been running outside since 5 pm, and we may not be able to return to the station until dawn the next day."

  "In the past few years, there have been almost no police incidents during Chinese New Year, so our life on New Year's Eve is actually no different from the daily process." Gao Yuheng added, "This must be a good thing. The less we call the police, the safer the society. We are fine. Just the best thing."

  Night has fallen, and more than forty firefighters on duty at Zhoudu Station are scattered throughout the fire station. From time to time, the sound of "bang bang bang" billiard balls and a few laughs can be heard in the lounge. The family made a video call, "When I was a child, the New Year must be a happy family. I waited for my parents to cook and eat at home on New Year's Eve. After eating, I put on new clothes and went out to set off firecrackers. At that time, the idea was relatively simple. I thought that setting off firecrackers was the happiest. That's it." Gao Hengyu changed the subject, "But now that I've grown up, I realize that it's better not to set off fireworks. One is for the sake of environmental protection, and the other is also deeply realized through our work. This way of celebrating is still easy to bring dangerous."

  The whistle for the late roll call sounded, and everyone went downstairs to gather and line up. The lounge was empty, and the bustling Zhoudu Station was quiet again.

The New Year's Eve here is quiet, but the people here are always ready to protect the safety of the party.