Last week, the web was set ablaze by this crazy news: Kanye West would have remarried with a certain Bianca Censori.

A union that would have taken place in the greatest secrecy in Beverly Hills and which, if it took place, is not official since no marriage certificate has been issued.

However, if the main interested parties did not speak, the sister of Bianca Censori seemed to confirm the happy event.

"It's very exciting for both my sister and my family, but we've chosen to maintain our privacy for now," she told the

Herald Sun

(via the

Daily Mail


But then, who is Bianca Censori?

A disturbing resemblance

First, Bianca Censori is 27 years old and originally from Australia.

Then she probably got to know Kanye West while working for his Yeezy brand as an architectural designer.

In addition, if we can only speculate about the date of the start of their relationship, it is clear that Bianca Censori looks a lot like… Kim Kardashian!

And it also seems that the two women met and did not like each other at all.

"Kim hates her," assured a source close to the reality TV star to Page Six, pointing out that she had felt a certain attraction between her ex-husband and the young woman.

"She's pretty and Kim hates pretty girls," the source added.

Be that as it may, Bianca Censori brings together two qualities that could only satisfy the 45-year-old artist: her disturbing resemblance to the mother of her children, and their common passion for design and architecture.

Finally, do not get tired, Bianca Censori is absent from all the networks.

In any case, we can only hope that Bianca Censori will manage to bring Kanye West back to Earth!


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