News from our newspaper (Reporter Zhang Ao, correspondent Li Shuo) As the Spring Festival of the Year of the Rabbit is approaching, four experience points of the second phase of the "Vientiane Central Axis" digital cultural experience project will be launched together, and the first digital central axis cultural visit line will be unveiled in a panoramic manner .

Through technical means, tourists can personally experience the charm of various buildings and landscapes on the central axis of Beijing.

  "I am the little monster of water town, please follow me." Tourists only need to download Lingtuyou APP, and then they can follow the virtual image of the little monster of water town "Shui Linglong" to visit the "digital central axis". It will be positioned through digital special effects, Leading tourists to approach the central axis in different historical periods and feel the "living" central axis culture.

  This time, the "Vientiane Central Axis" project launched four check-in experience points, including the North Gate of the Imperial City, Shicha Qianhai, Huoshenling Pavilion, and Qingshang Gate, plus the previously launched Bell and Drum Tower, Wanning Ancient Bridge, and Forbidden City. There are three check-in points at the top, and all seven points have completed their appearances.

This digital central axis cultural exploration route includes the main heritage forms and cultural elements of the central axis, such as architecture, water system, commerce, and etiquette, and representatively demonstrates the heritage value and cultural charm of the central axis.

  ("Beijing Daily", 5th edition, January 21, 2023)