Our reporter Li Xiazhi

  Last night, CCTV officially released the complete program list for the 2023 Year of the Rabbit Spring Festival Gala.

The theme of the Spring Festival Gala for the Year of the Rabbit is "A Prosperous New Era of China, a Better Life with Every Change". There are 40 programs in various genres such as singing and dancing, opera, cross talk, sketches, martial arts, acrobatics, children, etc. The style of the whole party is fresh and the rhythm is lively. , will present a cultural feast with ideological, artistic and appreciative qualities to Chinese people all over the world on New Year’s Eve.

  Song and dance programs have their own "atmosphere group"

  The stage design of the Spring Festival Gala in the Year of the Rabbit focuses on the concept of "full garden", and the art installation on the top of the studio is reconstructed from the evolution of the four-petal flower structure.

From the opening song and dance "Blooming Flowers", to the creative program "Man Ting Fang·National Colors" that pursues traditional Chinese colors from all things in nature and the four seasons of the world, there is also the song "Flowers Bloom Forget Worry", the music joint "Belt and Road" "Song of Flowers"... The whole party was organized around the "flower" element.

  Song and dance programs show the simple and true feelings and express the yearning for a better life.

"Let's Eat!" sung by Da Zhangwei and Zhang Ruoyun

Open FUN!

"As the first song after the opening song and dance, it has a sense of lively New Year's Eve atmosphere.

Songs such as "All Good Luck Comes" and "New Year Bounce" are full of New Year's flavor and joyful; ", "Homeland" and "My Hometown" are fresh and timeless; "Expedition", "I Come to the Future" and "Youth to the Sun" are melodious and full of power; The joy and joy of all peoples.

  The stage of the Spring Festival Gala integrates the innovation of Chinese excellent traditional culture into the expression of the times. The opera program "Hua Cai Liyuan" invites famous opera masters, young opera actors born in the 80s and 90s, and children's opera lovers to perform on the same stage.

The song and dance "Hundred Birds Returning to Their Nest" based on the world-class intangible cultural heritage "Nanyin" brings pop music and cultural heritage together. The magnificence of the millennium brocade shows the elegance of Chinese civilization.

  The first talk show of language programs

  This year's Spring Festival Gala has a total of 6 language programs, the number of which has been greatly reduced compared with previous years, but it has brought obvious breakthroughs and innovations in form.

The talk show debuted on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala for the first time. The round table talk show "Give Me a Minute" was performed by four actors from the well-known talk show label Xiaoguo Culture. The popular pair of contestants He Guangzhi and Xu Zhisheng have also become the most watched language programs at present newcomer.

  Among the skit programs, the "Shen Ma Group" and the skit "Pit" brought by the Spring Festival Gala are the most anticipated sketches by the audience.

Other skit programs used comedians to mix and match film and television actors. Huang Cailun, Huang Yang and Sun Tao, both of the Happy Twist Team, collaborated with partner actor Qin Lan to bring the skit "Hot Search"; comedian Wang Ning collaborated with Wang Baoqiang and Yang Zi ; Ma Xudong, who stood out from the comedy show "Annual Comedy Contest", and comedians Lu Tengfei and Li Hongjia, partner actors Yu Zhen, Sun Qian, Bai Yufan and Zhang Jianing.

Comedians who have emerged from the popular comedy variety shows "Talk Show Conference" and "Annual Comedy Contest" have become the fresh blood of the Spring Festival Gala. The Spring Festival Gala is also embracing new things on the Internet with a more inclusive attitude.

  The only remaining cross talk in language programs is brought by the popular Yue Yunpeng and Sun Yue. They have innovated the form of performance and will cooperate with magician Jian Lunting to complete it.

  Convergence and innovation programs are highly anticipated

  In the past two years, integrated and innovative programs have often become the highlight of the Spring Festival Gala.

After the release of the program list for the Spring Festival Gala, some creative programs have gained a lot of audience expectations.

  The micro-movie "My Spring Festival Gala and Me" created by a group of well-known filmmakers focuses on the stories of ordinary people during the Spring Festival Gala.

The creative inspiration of the work is drawn from countless audience letters received by the Spring Festival Gala program group over the years. The program uses narrative art and the charm of light and shadow to tell the story of an ordinary audience's dream of the Spring Festival Gala.

The film invites Huang Bo, Wu Jing, Ma Sichun, Fan Wei, Shen Teng, Ma Li, Wang Baoqiang, Chun Xia, Fang Qingzhuo, Pan Binlong, Bai Yu, Rong Zishan, Jin Changyong, Bai En, etc. to co-star, and the Spring Festival Gala has been with the masses for 40 years through video transmission Precious memories of growing up with the audience.

  The creative program "When the "God Beast" Meets the God Beast" uses new technologies such as VR three-dimensional rendering to let the ancient gods and beasts "go out" of ancient literature and ancient books, and have a wonderful encounter with contemporary children.

Based on the records in ancient Chinese classics such as "Baopuzi" and "Historical Records" and the remains of ancient architectural elements such as the Forbidden City, the visual design team composed of young people created images of ancient mythical animals such as Bai Ze, Qilin, and Pixiu, which are equally lively Smart children jointly interpret infinite imagination.

  Martial arts and acrobatics shows also have a lot to watch.

"Move Forward" brought by the Chinese Acrobatic Troupe will perform difficult cycling, the dazzling balance challenge combined with the new space freeze technology, and the brand-new image expression will bring the ultimate audio-visual experience.

The martial arts program "Yan Wu" depicts the scene of the Shaolin monks performing martial arts in the eighth year of Daoguang in the Qing Dynasty. The action actor Zhao Wenzhuo and the monks from the Shaolin Temple practiced in actual combat.

The program interspersed with excerpts from the theme song of "Shaolin Temple". Under the elegant fist and foot movements, the ancient painting "Monk Performing Martial Arts" "lived", and the fusion of modern technology and traditional martial arts showed a different kind of simple beauty.

  ("Beijing Daily", page 7, January 21, 2023)