The 2023 Johnny Bode Award goes to influencer Margaux Dietz for the firestorm she faced after she posted a YouTube video of a man lying beaten outside her front door.

The justification reads: "Like Johnny Bode, Margaux Dietz has a great interest in luxury, glamor and attention.

The view of people and the level of empathy is also something that unites Bode and Dietz, as well as the sincere surprise when those around you do not share the same view of how one should behave.”

On Instagram, Dietz writes: "It's not the Nobel Prize, but I'm still grateful to have won the Johnny Bode Prize.

Probably thinking of inviting all previous winners to dinner.

It was fun to hear what the award meant to them.”

The society has already raised the prize money

The award is presented in true Johnny Bode spirit.

In addition to a diploma and a pair of white gloves (a reference to Johnny Bode's song "Hand me off with white gloves" from 1968), the prize consists of a sum of money that the group has already spent on a restaurant visit.

In total, it came to 41,859 kroner and 60 öre.

- Johnny Bode was not exactly known for giving things away.

He was more known for taking things and blowing people.

So we take the price in advance and party up the money, says Gustaf Görfelt.

"Barnforbidden Karlsson on the roof figure"

Johnny Bode (1912–1983) lived a scandal-ridden life.

He broke through as a hit singer and composer in the 1930s, but his career came to an abrupt halt when he allied himself with the Nazis and performed in occupied Norway during World War II.

Bode went into exile and worked in Austria after the war, but got a new career after returning to Sweden with a series of infamous "porn discs" that became cult in the late 1960s.

- He was like a child-prohibited Karlsson on the roof figure.

A small, fat man with a good mood and enormous self-confidence who gets in everywhere and creates chaos and then flies out, says Gustaf Görfelt, chairman of the Johnny Bode Society.