China News Agency, Sanya, January 19th, title: popular destination Sanya: family reunion tourism for New Year's Eve

  China News Agency reporter Wang Xiaobin

  In Sanya, Hainan, a popular tourist and vacation destination, families of all ages will travel together to welcome the Year of the Rabbit in Yefeng Haiyun.

  On the 19th, crowds surged on the beach of Dadonghai Beach in Sanya.

Mr. Du from Hubei is enjoying the warm winter sun in the afternoon. Not far away, his son and daughter-in-law are playing in the sea with their granddaughter.

"Our family came here by car from Wuhan, and our in-laws will fly here from Zhejiang tomorrow, and we are going to gather in Sanya to celebrate the New Year together." Mr. Du said that he used to think that traveling during the New Year was something young people did, but now he feels that "as long as the family is reunited, we can do it anywhere." It's the New Year's Eve."

The picture is January 19th, Sanya Dadonghai Scenic Area, the beach is very popular.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Wang Xiaobin

  The family and parent-child customer group is the mainstream customer group in Sanya in recent years.

The optimization of epidemic prevention and control policies superimposes the local peak tourist season. Since New Year's Day this year, Sanya has welcomed many "big families" like Mr. Du.

According to the Sanya tourism big data platform, the parent-child group has become the main force of arrivals at Sanya Airport, and the proportion of underage passengers remained high in the week before the festival.

Among them, the parent-child holiday characteristics of Beijing and Sichuan customers are particularly prominent.

  "Compared with the young couples with children in the past, the current family customer group is larger." Yang Hong, general manager of Hainan Golden Ocean International Travel Agency, noticed that there are also "family + relatives and friends", "family + colleagues" and "family". + Neighbors" and other customers.

Yang Hong told a reporter from China News Agency on the phone that many trips to Sanya this winter are invitations and gifts. "I just met a guest who first booked his family's travel order, and later added Heilongjiang and Henan. The departure list, and then added a friend in Hangzhou, and then booked a flight from Ningbo."

The picture is January 19th, Sanya Dadonghai Scenic Area, the beach is very popular.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Wang Xiaobin

  As the end of the new year approaches, Sanya has more and more reunion orders, and the daily accommodation orders of local hotels show an increasing trend.

According to data from Meituan, since January, the popularity of related browsing such as "Sanya Family House" has increased by about 80% month-on-month.

  In order to welcome reunited family travelers, many hotels and scenic spots have launched special services for family and parent-child activities.

A resort hotel in Haitang Bay not far from Sanya International Duty Free City has planned more than 100 parent-child activities to meet the needs of families of different ages.

Wang Yuanyuan, brand promotion manager of Sanya Haichang Dream Ocean Everbright City, said that since parent-child family tourists account for 60% of the scenic spot's passenger flow, "a new parent-child package ticket was launched during the Spring Festival, so that adults and children can experience various popular amusement projects at the same time."

The picture is January 19th, Sanya Dadonghai Scenic Area, the beach is very popular.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Wang Xiaobin

  It is a popular way for a family to charter a yacht to go to sea.

According to Zuo Zhiyong, deputy secretary-general of the Sanya Yachting and Sailing Association, the yacht industry in Sanya has prepared yachts of different types and sizes for tourists to choose from, including weddings at sea, family trips, business trips, party trips and other products.

  Even during travel, the sense of ritual of the New Year is indispensable.

The New Year’s Eve dinner is the highlight of every household. During the Chinese New Year, many hotels and restaurants in Sanya offer New Year’s Eve dinner set menus, and also provide various convenient services such as takeaway, room delivery, and home chefs, so that everyone can enjoy the New Year when they are away.

  Deng Chaoye, deputy secretary-general of the Sanya Municipal Government, said that around the theme of "Sanya is full of flavors, golden rabbits come to thousands of homes", Sanya City organized themed activities covering culture, tourism, sports, performing arts, and sales promotion. Sports New Year's greetings, national tide garden fairs, etc. will be held in turn during the Spring Festival. "Welcome to experience Sanya with temperature, heat, and New Year's flavor."