The 56-year-old American director, Antoine Fuqua, will be at the helm of the biopic on Michael Jackson for the production company Lionsgate.

The project promises heavy, since the screenplay has been entrusted to John Logan, to whom we owe

The Aviator

, and everything will be produced by Graham King, already at work in

Bohemian Rhapsody


Two of Michael Jackson's co-executors are also in production: John Branca and John McClain.

Antoine Fuqua is currently finishing

The Equalizer 3

with Denzel Washington in Italy.

He will then tackle this biopic which will tell "the complex life" of the King of Pop.

According to Deadline, the feature film will retrace the childhood of Michael Jackson, his beginnings with the Jackson Five and up to his worldwide consecration.

It will also deal with the darker moments of his career, such as the accusations of pedophilia which continued until his death at 50, of cardiac arrest following a drug overdose, and still persist.

A big fan

In any case, Antoine Fuqua seems to know the subject well, having started his career as a filmmaker as a clip director.

He also confided to Deadline that he “always feels that combining film and music is an integral part of who I am”.

He is also very admiring of the interpreter of



An artist who has "influenced" him since his beginnings in the industry.

“There is no artist with the power, charisma and pure musical genius of Michael Jackson.

I was influenced to make music videos by watching his work - the first black artist to play in heavy rotation on MTV.

His music and these images are part of my vision of the world, and the possibility of telling his story on screen alongside his music was irresistible,” adds the director of




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