On January 16, The Paper and China Literature Group jointly released "Top Ten Keywords of Internet Literature in 2022", starting from the creation ecology of Internet literature, content development and hot spots in the entertainment industry, and presenting the content creation of Internet literature in the form of ten keywords Hot words such as Chinese stories, science fiction, Cthulhu, infinite flow, rebirth, Long Aotian, strong women, fight against the sky, sideline, and cross-border are on the list.

  In 2022, with the mainstreaming and high-quality development of online literature, the overseas influence of Chinese online literature will continue to rise, sci-fi online literature will mature, and online literature will lead popular culture and become a sideline for more young people... Chinese Writers Association Network Literature Committee Ouyang Youquan, deputy director and professor of Central South University, said: "The vitality and potential, youth and passion behind the ten key words of Internet literature are all lighting up cultural self-confidence with the lamp of literature, and unleashing majestic power through the focus of concepts. Like an inspiring pioneer semaphore, it inspires us to build the new era of online literature into a new force of cultural power."

  In 2022, the overseas influence of China's online articles will continue to rise

  In 2022, China's online literature will make great progress in going overseas.

On the one hand, Chinese online novels have "numerous fans" overseas, attracting more overseas and local authors to join. On the other hand, excellent Chinese online novels are also "entering the classroom" overseas.

  According to public information, in 2022, 16 Chinese online works will be included in the British Library, including "Zuo Son", "Chixin Sky Survey", "Era of the Earth", "First Sequence", "Great Power Heavy Industry", "Great Doctor Ling Ran", "Painting Spring Light, The Wisdom of the Great Song Dynasty, The Idle Man in Zhenguan, Shenzang, The Road to Revival, Zhou Lin, Magic Rivers and Lakes, Above the Dome, The Great Litigation Master, Palm Joy, etc.

It not only involves many online literature themes such as science fiction, history, reality, and fantasy, but also covers classic works of Chinese online literature from the early days to the present for more than 20 years.

  At the same time, more online works have reached hundreds of millions of users overseas through publishing authorization, serial translation, etc., covering more than 200 countries and regions such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Indonesia.

China Literature alone has authorized the digital and physical publication of more than 800 online literature works to many overseas countries. The most popular translation works of its overseas portal WebNovel have been read by 120 million people, and it has cultivated more than 300,000 overseas original writers .

The continuous increase in the number of overseas local authors has further opened up the market for Chinese online literature to go overseas.

  2022, the mature year of science fiction online

  "Science Fiction" and "Cthulhu" appeared on the "Top Ten Keywords of Internet Literature in 2022", showing the trend of Internet literature content creation - Internet literature has become one of the important paths for the localization of genre literature and niche culture. Literature absorbs and creates, and captures more readers through online literature.

  "Metaverse" is a hot word in 2022, and the adaptation of "Three-Body Problem" is also mentioned repeatedly in 2022. "Science Fiction fever" will be reflected in the creation of online articles by 2022, and it will be a key turning point from quantitative change to qualitative change——Science Fiction It has become one of the five major types of online literature, and more and more leading online literature works are science fiction themes.

  Take the starting monthly ticket annual list as an example. In 2020, there are no sci-fi works in the top ten of the monthly ticket list. Among the works on the list in 2022, five of the top ten works have obvious sci-fi elements, such as "The Naming of the Night". "The setting of the cyberpunk virtual world view, the black technology ability setting of "Spiritual Walker", the setting of battleships and genetically modified humans in "The Other Side of Deep Space", etc.

Among them, "The Nomenclature of the Night" at the top of the list can be said to be the most out-of-the-box work in the online literature circle this year, and it is also the first one-million-pass work in the history of online literature. It has been published by People's Literature Publishing House.

  In addition, the setting of "Cthulhu" has become one of the settings with the greatest growth potential in online literature in 2022. The mythical world created by this American novelist has been repeatedly transformed and constantly refurbished in Chinese online literature. After "Lord of the Mysteries", a new peak of localization was born in 2022 - "Dao Weixian", which creatively expanded the "Oriental Cthulhu" style and perfectly combined Cthulhu with oriental folk customs.

  In 2022, online literature leads popular culture

  The cost of text creation is lower, and the imagination is wider because it is not limited by the form of creation.

Therefore, in the category of cultural and entertainment products, online literature is often ahead of the mass culture market.

For example, Unlimited Stream, Rebirth, Long Aotian, and Strong Women are all Internet concepts born in the 2000s, but in 2022, they will enter the public eye with the amplification of film and television, variety shows, etc., and become Internet hot words.

  Among them, "rebirth" is the top five writing labels of reading works. This classic setting that has been popular in online articles for more than ten years has been released again because of the overseas hit drama "The Youngest Son of the Chaebol".

In 2022, Qidian users will search for "rebirth" on the site a total of 200 million times.

Influenced by the film and television drama "The Beginning", the creation of "Unlimited Stream" has reached its peak in recent years, and nearly 10,000 works have been signed by China Literature every year.

In addition, after the broadcast of "Annual Comedy Contest 2", the search volume of "Long Aotian" in the starting station reached 400,000 times, a month-on-month increase of 405%.

  In terms of female frequency creation, the rise of female consciousness drives the creation of "strong female" theme.

Not only does it account for a higher and higher proportion of film and television dramas, but it also grows faster in online text creation.

In 2022, among the newly added works of Reading Women's Channel, the label of "female strong" ranks first.

  In 2022, more and more people will write part-time web articles

  "Top Ten Keywords of Internet Literature in 2022" also reflects the changes in the creators' ecology.

According to the previous public data of the China Audiovisual and Digital Publishing Association, the number of online writers in China has exceeded 20 million. Driven by the "stay-at-home economy", online writing tends to be mainstreamed and universalized, with "side jobs" and "crossovers" Among the top ten keywords of 2022 Internet literature.

  In 2022, web writers will be one of the most popular side jobs, and many data agencies will rate web writing and writing as the first choice for young people.

According to the financial report of China Literature, in the first half of 2022 alone, China Literature will add about 300,000 writers, 600,000 works, and 16 billion new words.

And on social media, the discussion of online writing and entry skills has also increased.

According to third-party data, Xiaohongshu adds more than 200 new online writing and entry-related notes every month, and the annual reading volume exceeds 10 million.

  At the same time, creators in the IP industry chain are showing a trend of integration, and more and more screenwriters, game planners, and script killers are also writing cross-border web articles.

Take the 2022 Internet Literature Model Writer as an example. The writer "Away Eighty Thousand Miles" is a screenwriter, and "Southern Accent and Northern Tune" was once a game copywriting planner and script killer.

  Tang Qiao, deputy director of the Internet Literature Research Office of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Literature, pointed out that in the sense that storytelling is a basic form of human communication, Internet literature is undoubtedly the most vital popular culture and national culture.

Generation Z continues to update its age structure, providing online literature with the driving force to lead popular culture and occupy the future. It not only absorbs the essence of world popular culture, but also combines it with Chinese excellent traditional culture. Iterative upgrades complete localization, which is not only national but also world of.

"Network literature uses high-quality content that is close to people's life and emotional needs and expresses people's imagination, tells Chinese stories, shows Chinese spirit, and shapes China's image. It takes advantage of the opportunity to integrate multiple media dissemination, and its overseas influence is increasing. At the same time, it also promotes exchanges and mutual learning between Chinese and Western civilizations."

  (The Paper)