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Man is always looking for paradise

since Eve bit the apple


on the hunt for that perfect Eden where the gods live, if the gods exist.

A place so exuberant, so wild, so violently beautiful, that the oldest beings that inhabited the world called it the

Third Heaven.

Difficult mission to put coordinates to such a territory.

Maybe it doesn't even exist.

But if it exists, perhaps paradise was this: a cocktail of 150 islands germinated in the Indian Ocean like

a miracle of nature,

virgin and untamed until they were discovered by the French in the 18th century.

Welcome to Seychelles.

Today, barely 100,000 inhabitants complete the census of a country suspended in time, like

an infinite postcard

that refuses to enter the loop of mass tourism.

The colonial heritage continues to permeate every beat of the archipelago.

The name in honor of Jean

Moreau de Séchelles ,

King Louis XV

's finance minister, stuck to the French

as a baptism of fire.

From the English, the habit of drinking tea and driving on the left.

And between them, the legacy of the African slaves survives in the

Creole DNA


And it is this mixture of centuries and languages, races and blood that makes this archipelago one of the most fascinating destinations in the world.

Fascinating and exclusive.

The villas at the Hilton Seychelles Northolme Resorts & Spa.

Because if the Seychelles offers visitors something, it is exclusivity.

Most hotels shy away from the


Caribbean concept ;

no students celebrating the end of the year, no discos open until dawn,

no bracelets

with which to quench your thirst until you get drunk.

Seychelles is a balm of eternal beaches and

impossible nature

that invites you to forget about the noises of the world.

If anything, its capital, one of the smallest on the planet with only

26,000 inhabitants

, will return us for a moment to the bustle of civilization.

Between mountains and beaches

Nestled on the

island of Mahé,

the largest in the entire archipelago, Victoria is a charming miniature city that concentrates the country's culture in a handful of exotic streets.

Surrounded by granite mountains and desperate vegetation, it is a clear example of colorful African colonial architecture, dotted with playful wooden buildings of all colors.

It is its small

National Museum of History,

built in 1885, its oldest construction.

And perhaps its small replica of Big Ben, in the main roundabout of the city, is also its most representative monument;

silver and barely three meters high, it is located at the intersection of the

two most important streets

, not far from the place where until not long ago it was

the only traffic light in all of Seychelles



is not

a city of very high buildings.

In fact, there was a ban on building buildings taller than a palm tree in the archipelago so as not to break the harmony of paradise.

And so it was for decades until the arrival of a sheikh who,

at the stroke of a checkbook,

changed the norm and began to build somewhat more slender architectures.

Don't expect big skyscrapers in the Seychelles, however.

One of the famous turtles of the archipelago.SHUTTERSTOCK

Still in Victoria, a visit to its market is a must, one of the few places to take the temperature of the

local population


fresh fish, vegetables and spices are the soul of this

seycheluá souk

that perhaps takes us back to its origins;

In addition to tourism, one of the region's economic engines is the export of cinnamon and coconut.

It is precisely the spices and aromatic herbs that give character to the

gastronomy of the archipelago

, fused between the Creole, French, Chinese and Indian traditions.

The result is an explosion of sauces and flavors that return again and again to garlic and ginger, chilies and, of course, fruits: papaya, mango, pineapple, guava, grapefruit or passion fruit.

Other things:


is a typical herbal tea,


is fermented coconut juice,

Takamaka is the most famous brand of rum in the country

, almost a religion, and Seybrew and Eku are their local beers.

Not far from Victoria, high on the mountain,

Mission Lodge

is another twist to the past;

former school for children of slaves freed in the 19th century, today it is a viewpoint declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The balcony was built in 1972 for Queen

Elizabeth II of England

's visit to the country -who also inaugurated the only international airport-, and the views of the

west coast of Mahé

are priceless.

Another selfie to take as a souvenir.

hotel offer

And after history and culture comes rest.

Because the Seychelles hotel offer is one of its

great claims.

The luxury on the beach elevated to its maximum exponent;

the zen philosophy of its villas;

personalized treatment;

exclusivity raised to the cube;

he does not go more than

five stars


premium tourism.

A small taste of this philosophy is the

Hilton Seychelles Northolme Resorts & Spa

, a few kilometers from the capital.

The privacy of its villas with pools, which descend the mountainside to the shores of the Indian Ocean, contrasts with the relaxed atmosphere of its

gin bar

The Lower Deck,

where mixologists from all over the world do real magic.

And attention: it is said that

Ian Fleming

was a regular customer of this hotel, and must have been inspired by its insulting sunsets to write some of the James Bond novels.

And as if private rooms weren't enough, there's the chance to watch the sunset from another perspective:

Creole Travel Services

organizes cruises along the coast aboard a yacht, complete with local cocktails and appetizers.

Four Seasons Resort Seychelles pool.

Most of the

hotel offer

is concentrated, of course, in Mahé and the second largest island in the archipelago, Praslin (with its endemic black parrot and vanilla orchids, and where General Charles George Gordon of Khartoum was convinced that the the garden of Eden).

But there are more options.

Like the one offered by the

Four Seasons Resort Seychelles

on Desroches Island.

An island for a whole hotel.

Or a hotel for an entire island.

To stay in one of its

10 suites, 51 villas or 11 residences

can only be reached by private plane, owned by the hotel (included, by the way, in the Top 10 of Forbes magazine).

Since the


receives guests at the foot of the slopes, everything is luxury, luxury and more luxury in the scarce 14 kilometers that the coral island of Desroches measures.

From the

manicured gardens

and its palm trees to its spa, its private beaches or the lighthouse that crowns one of its restaurants.

Of course, you have to visit its

turtle sanctuary

, where work is being done on the conservation of the giant aldabra species, the largest after the one in the Galapagos.

Among the more than

150 specimens

in this shelter, George, an international


, stands out .

Although his age is not known exactly, it is estimated that

he could be 150 years old.

And attention: these animals can live beyond 200.

Perfect, then, to repeat the visit in some time.

George will continue to rest under the stillness of some palm tree.

And the

Seycheluá paradise

that the first settlers fell in love with... too.



Emirates flies from Madrid and Barcelona, ​​with a stopover in Dubai.

If they can afford it, the

business class

of the Airbuss 380 is, without a doubt, the icing on the cake of the perfect vacation.


, its entertainment program, is just the tip of the iceberg of a plane that even has an incredible bar on board.



Four Seasons Resort Seychelles

on Desroches Island.

An island for a whole hotel.

It has 10 suites, 51 villas or 11 residences.

It can only be reached by private plane, owned by the hotel included in the Top 10 of the best in the world by

Forbes magazine.

Hilton Seychelles Northolme Resorts & Spa.

Five stars a few kilometers from the capital, Mahé.

An essential of the archipelago.




Le Jardin du Roi


In the heart of the Mahé mountain, this restaurant is a window into the country's Creole tradition.

Fish, spices and exotic fruits with views of the Indian Ocean.


On the official Seychelles Tourism website: www.seychelles.com.

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