Today (17th) is colder than yesterday.

Currently, the temperature in Seoul starts at -6.7 degrees Celsius, which is about 2 degrees lower than the same time yesterday, and the temperature in Daegwallyeong, where a cold wave warning is issued, dropped to -13.4 degrees below zero.

It seems that the cold will continue throughout this week, and especially on Saturday, when the Lunar New Year holiday begins, the morning temperature in Seoul will drop to minus 10 degrees Celsius, showing the peak of this cold.

There will be a lot of clouds in the sky across the country today, and there will be a little snow in the Midwest between night and tomorrow morning.

By day, the temperature in Seoul is expected to be 1 degree and that in Gwangju is expected to be 4 degrees, and the perceived temperature will continue to stay below freezing in the central region.

(Ahn Su-jin weather caster)