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Sandara Park, a member of the group 2NE1 famous for 'Sosikjwa', revealed her weight.

On the 15th, Sandara Park posted on her SNS, "I guess I didn't write well. It's not that I've lost 37kg, it's not that I've never weighed 37kg, but articles keep appearing saying I'm 37kg, so I went on air and wrote that I wasn't 37kg. My writing skills are lacking. I guess I did,” he wrote.

Sandara Park posted on SNS the day before, "I've never weighed 37 kg, but why do I keep coming out as 37?" "I was 38-39 during 2NE1's activities, and when I wanted to lose weight, I tried very urgently to maintain it."

He continued, “I eat some again when I have an appetite, but these days I lose my appetite again and lose weight again. At the end of the year, I ate some and gained weight until the late 40s and 41s. in the middle,” he explained.

Based on these SNS posts, articles that misunderstood Sandara Park's current weight of 37kg as 'the lowest weight in her life' poured out.

In response, Sandara Park posted an additional post on social media to correct the misunderstanding.

Sandara Park said, "Currently, I am 39 kg, and these days, I am basically trying to go back and forth between 39 and 41 kg. Even if I lose too much or gain too much, my body is tired, so in moderation!", "I take good care of my body, so don't worry. May you always take good care of your health."

(Reporter Kang Seon-ae of SBS Entertainment News)